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2019 Kemin Intestinal Health Symposium

Kemin has been a proactive leader within the intestinal health industry worldwide. We proudly offer a comprehensive platform of solutions which address intestinal integrity, microbial balance and immune function and were created using decades of scientific research, thorough testing and customer feedback.

At the inaugural Kemin Intestinal Health Symposium in Naples, FL, we heard from experts across the poultry, swine, dairy, beef and equine industries on topics ranging from consumer perceptions to the impact of mycotoxins on intestinal health. We invite you to view their presentations below! 

Equine Wellness and the Microbiome: Lessons from the Equine Microbiome Project


Amy Biddle

Science Denial and the Future of Food


Roxi Beck

Early Life Stress Can Negatively Impact Lifetime Gut Health


Adam Moeser, DVM, MS, Ph.D.

The What, Why and Physiologic Cost of Leaky Gut Syndrome


Lance Baumgard, Ph.D.

African Swine Fever: The Role of Biosecurity


Jeroen Dewulf, Ph.D.

A Gut Feeling: Comparative Metagenomics in Veterinary and Human Health


Aaron Ericsson, DVM, Ph.D.

Antimicrobial Resistance, Livestock Production Current Landscape and Future Perspectives


Tim Johnson, Ph.D.

Managing Intestinal Health Without Antibiotics


Charles Hofacre, DVM, MAM, Ph.D.

Reducing Foodborne Pathogens Through Proper Gut Health


Michael Kogut, Ph.D.

The Impact of Mycotoxins on Gut Health


Tim Evans, DVM, MS, Ph.D.

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About Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health

As the world population continues to expand and the protein demand soars, food producers are turning to Kemin for innovative solutions. We believe raising healthy livestock and poultry is more important than ever before, and we are delivering products and services to help our customers achieve optimal nutrition, feed quality, gut health and pathogen control — all while maximizing profitability. 

The work we do in our laboratories — and the discoveries that work yields — helps not only boost our customers' bottom lines, but also helps the livestock and poultry industry meet ever-changing consumer expectations. Kemin solutions strengthen safety throughout various stages of the food chain via enhanced ingredient utilization and new solutions focused on improving overall animal nutrition and health.

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