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Customer Laboratory Services (CLS)

The Kemin Customer Laboratory Services team provides dedicated laboratory and analytical support to our customers to ensure Kemin ingredients meet your performance goals. Our team is comprised of experienced scientists who partner with sales and technical service staff to provide support for customers' operations by offering chemistry and microbiology testing.

Why test? Testing your feed, fats, eggs and water enables you to identify potential challenges getting in the way of achieving optimum performance and profitability. Our team helps customers identify unknown challenges impacting their performance goals.

What makes Kemin Customer Laboratory Services different?

Kemin raises the standard of lab services by providing interpretive lab reports. We provide recommended product and management solutions for your operation and use our testing protocols to confirm if it is the right fit for your operation — all backed by years of testing, benchmarks and third-party studies.





Lab services for your operation

Feed quality

Effective mold and mycotoxin management starts with knowing what is in your feed. Mold growth in storage can dramatically reduce the quality and nutritional value of grains and finished feed. Mycotoxins are unavoidable and can cause significant production loss, even before you see symptoms. To help manage ingredient quality and reduce negative health impacts, our team can analyze feed and feed ingredients for the presence of molds and mycotoxins.

Feed safety

Controlling in-feed pathogens, like Salmonella, is the key to an on-farm biosecurity. To help keep pathogens at bay, we offer a variety of services to help you test for and address profit-robbing pathogen challenges in feed and feed ingredients. We test to support pathogen control products by analyzing feed for Salmonella and verifying product application rates.

Oxidation control

Oxidation is a major cause of decreased fat quality. To manage oxidation, it's critical to start with a high-quality fat. Oxidation is an irreversible process, so it is important to know both the current state of and potential for future oxidation, and to understand that other feed ingredients can be a potential source of oxidation in feed. We test fat, oil, feed ingredients or finished feed to help identify and address oxidation challenges.

Pigmentation testing

Egg color, appearance and consistency are key to the marketability of poultry products. For more than 20 years, Kemin has been providing high-quality and safe carotenoid products to the poultry industry using the right product inclusion rate to achieve their value-added pigmentation goals. Our team can work with you to test your eggs and feed to ensure you are using the right product inclusion rate for your goals.

Water quality

Water quality and composition can have a major impact on the performance of your herd or flock. CLS can test water or swab samples for the presence of biofilms. We use these results to recommend a water sanitation program.

Frequently asked questions

How does testing work?

When recommended, Kemin Customer Laboratory Services will send you a sampling kit(s) with complete instructions to ensure accurate results. 

What can I expect to receive after testing with Kemin?

Each test is different — whether it be the product being tested or the objective of the test. Kemin Customer Laboratory Services prides themselves on not only providing the test results but also an analysis and recommendation based on years of analyzing our own data and third-party data.

How do I get started with a Kemin Customer Laboratory Services project?

Contact your Kemin Key Account Manager or Technical Services Manager to discuss your specific concerns.

What tests do you offer?

Contact your Kemin Key Account Manager or Technical Services Manager to discuss the specific tests and services that we can provide.

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