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Active Microbial for Equine: Knock Out Pathogenic Bacteria for Improved Gut Health

CLOSTAT® contains PB6, a proprietary strain of Bacillus subtilis. PB6 is a probiotic that helps improve intestinal health and integrity. It does this by maintaining a healthy balance of microflora in the gut and by helping develop a natural defense against harmful bacterial pathogens.


The lining of the gut not only absorbs nutrients, it also provides a barrier against pathogens, parasites and toxins. PB6 secretes an active substance which helps maintain the balance of microflora in the gut. When balanced, good bacteria help keep pathogenic bacteria under control.1 When unbalanced, pathogens can multiply and damage the gut lining, resulting in Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). Harmful substances can then cross the barrier and infect the horse. By supporting the microbial balance in the intestinal tract of your horse, CLOSTAT® can help improve gut health, which can mean less LGS and improved athletic performance and overall wellbeing. 

Kemin has more than 200 R&D documents referencing PB6 trial work that indicates that PB6:

  • Has a proven mode of action in its inhibition of equine-specific pathogens including a variety of Clostridium species.2
  • Is proven to survive in the horse's GI tract.3
  • Maintains efficiency when pelleted.3
  • Has demonstrated safety in foals and adult horses.4,5

Watch the video below to learn how CLOSTAT can help improve the health and overall wellbeing in an array of animals – including your horse.

The intestinal barrier is regularly exposed to up to 10 trillion microorganisms,6 making it extremely important to keep it functioning properly. Maintain a health microbial balance and develop a natural defense against harmful bacterial pathogens with CLOSTAT. Learn more:

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CLOSTAT Dry Spec Sheet


CLOSTAT for Equine Mode of Action



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