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Intestinal Health

Intestinal Health 

Intestinal health is an essential part of economic animal production as more than 80% of the inputs goes through the gastro intestinal tract. Also termed as gut health, covers the macro and micro environment of the gut, integrity of the gut tissues, microbiota balance, and the status of gastro intestinal tract’s immune system. Gut consumes about one fifth of the consumed energy, hosts majority of the micro-organisms, multiple hormones, digestive juices etc., For food producing animals it is critically important to maintain superior gut health to achieve safe animal protein for human consumption, through better disease resistance, nutrient utilization and enhancing the animal to perform to the genetic potential

Maintain Animal Intestinal Health

Maintain animal intestinal integrity with Kemin Solutions. Good health is a basic requirement for any animal to reach its genetic potential. It is clearly linked to feed conversion, daily gains and uniformity. Health can be influenced by diet, this applies particularly to the prevention of risks and diseases. While health can be influenced by virtually any part of animal husbandry, animal nutrition can contribute to it.

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