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Gut Health Resources for Equine

Eye on 'Biotics: Feeding Your Horses for Optimal Gut Health

The use of prebiotics and probiotics in horse diets has become a common practice — and for good reason. Increased attention to and understanding of gut health in humans, pets and livestock have led to more research and effective solutions available on the market.

The Gut's Role in Defending Animal Health

Gut health has made its stamp on livestock production as the gateway to animal health. We often think the gut's primary job is to digest valuable nutrients. But an immunologist may argue that a more important job of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is to prevent the infiltration of unwanted pathogens that can lead to illness and loss of productivity.

Mycotoxins: What's Your Risk?

Mycotoxins are a costly, complicated problem for livestock and poultry producers. Not only are there hundreds of different mycotoxins, all produced by different fungi and environmental factors, but each category of toxins and each toxin within those categories can impact animals and birds differently. For producers, that means becoming aware of the major toxins and knowing the signs and symptoms of toxin exposure are critical to reduce the risk of mycotoxins eroding animal health and performance.

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