Innovations and Technologies

Kemin uses science to unlock discoveries and create ingredient solutions that maintain and improve the quality of life worldwide. As a biotechnology company committed to innovation, we center our efforts around six specialized technologies, including:

·       Chemical blending

·       Organometallic Synthesis

·       Industrial fermentation

·       Encapsulation

·       Plant science

·       Extraction

By focusing our research efforts and product innovation pipelines on these core technologies, we can offer a wide variety of cutting-edge, high-quality and efficacious ingredient solutions to the markets we serve.

For the past half-century, our commitment to innovation and technologies has established Kemin as an expert in the nutritional ingredients industry. We invest in our laboratories, manufacturing facilities and personnel to ensure we meet the changing needs of customers and consumers worldwide.

Chemical Blending

At Kemin, chemical blending is more than mixing ingredients to create simple compounds. We study chemicals and ingredients and synergistically blend them to create advanced antioxidants, enzymes and antimicrobials. These cutting-edge ingredient blends offer benefits for animal feed, pet food and food industries.

Organometallic Synthesis

We use organometallic synthesis to buffer organic acids and trace minerals for animal feed and food products. With organometallic synthesis technology, we help make feed and food safer by curbing mold growth of microbial contamination and create products that are less corrosive for equipment, less hazardous to transport and safer for workers to handle.  


As a biotechnology company, we are experts in using microbial fermentation to engineer microorganisms to benefit the industries we serve. Using live cultures and highly controlled fermentation conditions, we can create probiotics, enzymes, antimicrobials and metabolite solutions.


As a company committed to innovation, we are at the forefront of advancing encapsulation technologies to enhance product handling, improve palatability and provide targeted release of active ingredients. Kemin offers encapsulation technologies such as spray freezing, pan coating, coacervation and fluid bed encapsulation. We use encapsulation technologies to manufacture products for animal feed, pet food and personal care industries.

Take a closer look at our proprietary GEM and MicroPEARLS® technologies by watching the following video.

Plant Science

For decades, the Kemin Specialty Crop Improvement (SCI) plant science program has harnessed sunlight, soil, carbon dioxide and water to manufacture molecules in lines of scientifically advanced oregano, rosemary, spearmint, potato and marigold. The specific molecules extracted from our botanicals displace those made with synthetic chemical reactions.

Our scientifically advanced plants are developed through a painstaking process of bio-prospecting, conventional breeding methods, analytical screening and propagating. Once a clonal line has been established, Kemin partners with expert farmers to agronomically and sustainably grow the proprietary plants.

Kemin formulates the molecules we harvest from our lines of scientifically advanced plants into ingredients that provide benefits across global animal feed, pet food, food, dietary supplement, personal care and commercial horticulture markets.

Click here to learn more about our SCI program.


To gently retrieve molecules from plant sources, we have developed proprietary water-and-solvent-based extraction processes. This technology allows us to extract specific molecules while retaining their active properties for improved product efficacy.

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