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Kemin Pathogen Control Solutions for Beef and Dairy Cattle

Protecting your bottom line

Pathogen control is a complex issue with livestock herds. Confinement area constantly contaminated with organic matter, large farm perimeters and extensive contact with neighboring herds and wildlife that is virtually impossible to control among many other challenges make protection from pathogens of high-value animals a very difficult task. These disease-causing agents can challenge the bottom line of dairy operations by picking away at key performance indicators such as milk quality, milk yield, calf mortality and more.

Although there are several areas of importance to control and stop cattle disease, water and confinement areas are ever more seen as key factors. Water can become contaminated with pathogens at the source (well, ponds, brooks) or at facility (cups, tanks, troughs). Similarly, pathogens can be introduced to the farm environment by people (clothing, boots), contaminated vehicles and feeds, new animal arrivals and more. Altogether these will increase exposure to pathogens that will ultimately hurt animal health, welfare and the producer’s bottom line.

As a global leader in animal health solutions, it is our mission at Kemin to provide disinfection solutions within our agricultural markets. Using years of research and development, Kemin products like PRO-OXINE® AH was created to meet the ever-growing needs of the cattle industry.


PRO-OXINE AH is a high-efficacy, broad-spectrum stabilized chlorine dioxide disinfectant proven to control fungal, viral, and bacterial pathogens.  PRO-OXINE AH is a proven solution for pathogens in drinking water systems as well as for hard surface disinfection (animal confinement areas, farm equipment, etc.) leading to healthier and more efficient animals.

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