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Nutrition and Health Solutions for Turkeys

At Kemin, our mission is to work continuously and diligently identifying, developing and providing products and services that bring value to you – our customers – by meeting the nutrition and health needs of the turkey industry.

Kemin offers of a wide range of animal nutrition and health solutions. We understand your need to raise healthy turkeys that give consumers the nutritional benefits they are looking for, while also returning a profit. Our products and services help you maintain feed and water quality, improve gut health and more. 

Additionally, we strive to work in partnership with you to address current industry challenges, including those that impact turkey health, like coccidiosis, histamonas, Salmonella and clostridial dermatitis. With limited options for managing these diseases, one of our top priorities is the development of novel gut health solutions to address these health challenges, thereby helping to support sustainable turkey production.

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Proven Gut Health Solutions

In today’s turkey production environment, gut health is increasingly synonymous with animal health. Maintaining gut health promotes the absence, prevention and avoidance of disease, which is essential to raising top performing birds. Improving gut health involves a combined focus on three interconnected factors:

  • Maintaining the structural integrity of the intestine
  • Sustaining a healthy balance of microflora
  • Boosting the immune system’s ability to respond to challenges

By using decades of scientific research, thorough testing and customer feedback, Kemin created its multi-faceted Gut Health Triple Check approach to provide a broad platform of antibiotic-free gut health solutions. The Gut Health Triple Check program serves as a support system to CLEAN UP contaminants in feed and water prior to animal exposure, BUILD UP intestinal strength and immunity to reduce leaky gut and KNOCK OUT harmful pathogens for healthier and better performing flocks.

Smart Solutions for Feed and Water Quality

Molds, mycotoxins, oxidized fats, pathogens and more can have a significant impact not only on the nutritional value and overall appearance of feed but also on gut health of turkeys. To ensure turkeys are set up for success, producers must manage these profit-robbing contaminants in feed and water prior to animal exposure.

Kemin offers a variety of solutions for grain and water treatment, fat and oil stability and diet integrity. Adding Kemin feed and water quality solutions to your operation can help prolong feed shelf-life and clean-up water, thereby reducing production costs and improving turkey performance. Kemin also created a dedicated Pathogen Control team to provide biosecurity and food safety solutions which are trusted throughout the industry.

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