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For more than 40 years, Kemin has provided high-quality carotenoid products, often referred to as pigments, to the egg layer industry. KEM GLO, a source of orange/red pigment from paprika, improves egg yolk color. Kemin also offers ORO GLO®, a source of yellow pigment that enhances yolk color and increases lutein content.  

Benefits of KEM GLO

  • A stable, standardized source of organge/red pigments
  • Achieve higher Roche yolk color fan scores when used in combination with ORO GLO

A Formulation to Fit Your Needs


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KEM GLO 5 has a stabilized orange/red color from paprika peppers. Combining KEM GLO with ORO GLO will achieve the darker egg yolk color desired.

  • Low pungency paprika oleoresin with high color concentration
  • Allows uniform distribuition of color throughout the feed for more consistent egg pigmentation
  • Consistent, stabilized pigment color density throughout the product

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS)

Through its Customer Laboratory Services (CLS), Kemin offers customers a complimentary validation to test color and lutein values in egg yolks. CLS analyzes organic and non-organic feed ingredients to compare the consistency of lutein and color levels to the customer's carotenoid specification.

For more information on CLS, or to get your complimentary product analysis, contact your Kemin sales representative.

Product Specifications

KEM GLO 5 Spec Sheet

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