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Kemin’s Sustainability Journey

Our Efforts Against Climate Change

As a family business, we are uniquely compelled to make this planet a safe, healthy and sustainable place to live for all future generations. As a global company, we have the responsibility and ability to reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard natural resources. And as a provider of key ingredients for humans, animals, pets and plants, we believe an ongoing commitment to sustainability is critical for healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy business.

This is a journey, and every step forward is an achievement in transforming today into a better tomorrow. But together, we can do even more. Join us.

“This commitment is for our employees, our customers, our communities – and for all future generations. Companies like Kemin have the ability to take on this critical journey and unite others to join the global efforts against climate change. We must all do our part today to create a better tomorrow.”

– Dr. Chris Nelson, President and CEO

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Our commitment to sustainability propels us forward on our journey to provide the most sustainable products in the world to our customers. Within these areas of action, we work to solve current challenges and build a sustainable future for all of us:

Using Clean Energy

To support our clean energy vision, we are increasing the use of renewable energy at our facilities and with our processes.  Around the world, we are producing and using solar energy, including onsite generation to support a clean-energy transformation.

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Working Globally

Our sustainability governance model ensures sustainability is integrated into every facet of the business across the globe.  We implement, champion, and monitor all our sustainable actions, programs, products, and services.

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Collaborating for Change

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we support and contribute to the sustainability efforts of our customers within the supply chain and work with relevant sustainability organizations.

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Reducing Water Usage & Contamination

We promote continuous improvement towards safer, more sustainable solutions for the aquaculture and textile industries.  We collaborate within the supply chain to address aquafarming challenges, solvent usage, clean extraction methods, and environmental stewardship.

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Decrease Waste

We are reducing waste at Kemin locations worldwide by replacing single-use plastics with compostable, reusable and/or recyclable products.  We are also actively working with suppliers to identify circular models of usable resources.

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Taking Climate Action

From partnering with a greenhouse gas consultant to assess the carbon footprint of our products, to collecting data on our CO2 emissions and energy and water usage from our global manufacturing facilities, we are continuously working to address climate change.

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