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Gut Health and Nutrition Solutions for Backyard Poultry

Backyard flock owners strive for healthy, long-living, and high-producing birds. Everyone wants to collect an egg that has a strong shell, bright yolk, and is safe to eat. Enteric pathogens and gut health issues pose a threat to the health and productivity of backyard flocks.

Improve eggshell quality and flock gut health through proper nutrition

Egg breaking strength, eggshell thickness, and overall flock health are all things that the backyard poultry owner strives for. One way to target these goals is by taking a look at the gut health of your birds. Gut health is directly and indirectly connected to overall bird wellbeing. Pathogenic bacteria, stress, and toxins in the gut can damage the intestinal lining allowing pathogens to enter the animal, resulting in inflammation and inefficient nutrient absorption. This takes resources away from the egg, eggshell, and overall health of your bird. 

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ENTEROSURE is a proprietary Bacillus blend that supports a resilient microbiome by inhibiting pathogen growth while promoting, restoring, and maintaining healthy bacteria. ENTEROSURE has been proven to improve eggshell qualities, tibia traits, and gut bacteria balance.1


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CLOSTAT® contains a proprietary strain of Bacillus subtilis PB6 — a unique, naturally-occurring probiotic that helps maintain the balance of microflora in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of livestock and poultry. By supporting microbial balance, CLOSTAT has been demonstrated to improve egg production, eggshell weight, and eggshell thickness.2


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ButiPEARL® Z combines two unique and powerful molecules — butyric acid and zinc — to help strengthen intestinal integrity, allowing for improved nutrient absorption in poultry. The proprietary MicroPEARLS encapsulation technology behind ButiPEARL Z allows for molecule release throughout the animal’s GI tract.



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ButiPEARL Z and Male Broiler Chickens
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ENTEROSURE Study on Gut Health and Eggs



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2Abdelqader, A., Irshaid, R. and Al-Fataftah, A. 2013. Effects of dietary probiotic inclusion on performance, eggshell quality, cecal microflora composition, and tibia traits of laying hens in the late phase of production. Trop Anim Health Prod, 45:1017–1024.

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