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Silage SAVOR®

Premium Acid Preservative for Silage

The effect of organic acids on mold strains, especially propionic acid, have a long history of usage for silage preservation. The link between propionic acid and silage longevity is well understood. Silage SAVOR® Plus Liquid and Silage SAVOR® Dry are part of a unique, premium line of organic acid preservatives for silage. Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid is a concentrated blend of three organic acids offering a wide spectrum of control against spoilage organisms in all silage types. Silage SAVOR Dry is a convenient dry product designed to assist in the fermentation of silages by providing an environment that is optimal for epiphytic lactic acid-producing bacteria to grow. The dry and liquid forms of Silage SAVOR create a favorable fermentation, resulting in a rapid drop in pH to provide a stable silage. 

What are the key benefits of Silage SAVOR?

Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid and Silage SAVOR Dry feature a blend of several organic acids effective on a wide variety of mold strains. This blend is buffered for improved equipment and employee safety and is available in a variety of container sizes to meet your volume needs.

Does Silage SAVOR work on damaged crops?

The Silage SAVOR product line provides an alternative for difficult harvest conditions. The ingredients help to establish a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria to grow, regardless of crop quality and moisture concentration. Additionally, each Silage SAVOR product can be used on forage crops and high-moisture corn to promote more uniform fermentation, which helps maintain nutrient value by reducing heating and dry matter loss.

May I use Silage SAVOR on alfalfa haylage?

Field-wilted forages like alfalfa, which are more difficult to ensile, are better harvested too late (at low moisture) rather than too early (at high moisture).1 Harvesting at low moisture requires longer field curing, which results in more field losses. When ensiled too wet, clostridial fermentation, high butyric acid and high ammonia-nitrogen levels may develop in the silage. When weather does not cooperate, and producers choose to ensile wet alfalfa, use Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid silage preservative. When field-wilted forages are ensiled at lower moisture, they become difficult to pack and present risks of heat damage (i.e., decreased nutrient availability) and mold accumulation. On late-harvest alfalfa, again, use Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid silage preservative, the alfalfa forage preserver.

What is Silage SAVOR and Other Question...

How do I apply Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid to prevent surface spoilage?

To help prevent surface mold growth and preserve silage longer, producers spray the exposed silage with Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid before covering the pile or closing the silo. When applied at a rate of 2 pounds (approximately one quart) per 10 square feet of silage surface, Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid can reduce mold growth on the silage surface.

Have additional questions about silage management or Silage SAVOR products? Download our FAQ for more information.

Product Specifications

Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid Spec Sheet
Silage SAVOR Dry Spec Sheet



1Kemin Internal Document, 12-00009.

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