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Intestinal Health

Intestinal Health Solutions

Kemin offers a comprehensive platform of industry-leading solutions and alternatives to antibiotic treatments to impact the key areas of intestinal health and support the vitality and performance of animals. In order to maintain some of the productivity with less reliance on antibiotics, there must be a change in the way we think about intestinal health and animal productivity. Intestinal health should be elevated to the same level of importance as other management practices. Backed by years of successful research and trial studies, Kemin has created solutions specifically for use in poultry, swine and ruminants.

Kemin Intestinal Health Solutions include:

  • Patented direct fed microbials
  • Proprietary phytogenics
  • Naturally extracted essential oils
  • Powerful organic acids

Kemin offers the following intestinal health solutions:



The Importance of Intestinal health

In the livestock industry, intestinal health is synonymous with animal health. Cultivating intestinal health is the top priority to see the best performance of production animals. The phrase "intestinal health" can encompass a number of health priorities like nutrient digestion and absorption, metabolism and energy generation, and more. Intestinal health can also be defined as the absence, prevention, and avoidance of disease in those areas so animals can perform physiological functions. To meet these demands, Kemin offers a broad platform of industry-leading solutions to positively maintain the intestinal health of the animals.

Benefits of Intestinal Health in Animals

  • Better nutrient digestion and absorption
  • Proper weight gain and management
  • Healthy metabolism response for energy generation
  • Absence, prevention, and avoidance of disease
  • An effective alternative to antimicrobial for food safety
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The Economic Impact of Intestinal Health
The number of large-scale livestock operations has sharply increased in the last few decades. In order to maintain profitability in these highly volatile markets, where margins are tight, intestinal health is more important than ever to stay competitive. Intestinal challenges can be a major source of efficiency loss, downtime, and additional costs for veterinary treatment. Common intestinal health issues might include leaky gut, inflammation, lesions, bloat, acidosis, and more. Using feed additives and supplements to support intestinal health provides a cost-effective way to keep animal immune responses and overall performance positive.
Changes in the livestock Industry
Producers across all agricultural livestock industries have been asked to change the way they grow production animals, specifically through the removal of antibiotics. With this challenge comes necessary changes to animal production as a whole, starting with management, feed and vaccination programs. To make those changes, producers are considering multiple alternatives in order to maintain similar feed efficiency, growth rates and egg production standards. These changes require a better understanding of how intestinal health is affected by these alternatives.

Maintain Animal Health

Maintain animal health with... Kemin Intestinal Health Solutions.

Kemin provides a comprehensive approach to strengthening the intestinal health of the animal, creating healthy microbial balance, and supporting immune function. Intestinal health relates to maintaining the strength of the intestinal barrier to maximize nutrient absorption while preventing harmful parasites, pathogens, enzymes, acids and toxins from infiltrating the body. Balance is diversifying the population of microbes to promote healthy microflora in the gastrointestinal tract. Many factors impact bacterial populations, which can ultimately cause harm to the host. Protection is supporting immune function to respond to challenges and reduce inflammation. Collectively, these three areas set the foundation for optimal intestinal health and animal performance.

Safety Guaranteed

The Kemin team has intensely studied the interactions of the microbiota, epithelial barrier and intestinal immune system in both the development and maintenance of proper intestinal health. Proper intestinal health begins at the cellular level (i.e. bacteria, immune cells) where interactions can affect tissue structure (i.e. villi) and function (i.e. absorption), ultimately affecting the animal's ability to thrive in production systems. Kemin intestinal Health Solutions have been rigorously tested to ensure animal well-being.