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The Horse: It's All Connected
KemTRACE Chromium for Equine - Glycogen
Stress and Cortisol Connection
The Interconnectivity of Laminitis, Ins...

Chromium - Every Horse, Every Cell, Everyday

Insulin plays a key role in optimal cell function, "unlocking the door" to the cell so that blood glucose can enter and be used for energy. Chromium improves insulin function by increasing insulin receptor activation eight-fold, leading to efficient clearance and use of glucose from the bloodstream.

Focus on Forage for Successful Recovery from Laminitis

Laminitis, a life-threatening condition characterized by severe pain and lameness, isn't a disease itself but a symptom of other diseases. In fact, many diseases can lead to laminitis, and the veterinarian must first determine its underlying cause.

The Best Way to Cool Your Horse? Hydration.

Various techniques can be used to cool horses when their body temperatures soar — for example, external cooling with water. But ensuring adequate hydration before starting a workout or competition is the best way to help minimize heat stress and dehydration.

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