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USA Lysine®

Encapsulated Lysine for Dairy Cattle

Lysine is an essential amino acid used as a building block in creating protein. Therefore, meeting your cow's lysine requirement is fundamental to the health and wellness of the dairy cow. USA Lysine® is a highly efficient rumen protected lysine source providing more intestinally available lysine to the cow. As a concentrated, consistent and cost-effective source of MP Lysine for dairy cows, USA Lysine is a solution that makes a difference. 

USA Lysine® — A Cut Above the Competition

USA Lysine® is a research-proven and cost-effective lysine source for dairy cows. As the most concentrated source of MP Lysine available, USA Lysine allows producers to increase profits by replacing variable and expensive protein sources, or by adding lysine to an already high-performing diet. USA Lysine is consistent, concentrated and rumen protected. It's a solution that makes a difference.