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As the fresher, safer, longer experts Kemin Food Technologies can provide the market knowledge, innovation, and technical expertise to leverage consumer trends into high-performing value-added ingredients. We provide ingredients that can help improve quality and texture, as well as extend shelf life by inhibiting microbial growth and delaying lipid oxidation in a variety of food applications.


Explore Our Solutions

Our clean label functional proteins can help improve yield, moisture retention and overall textural quality in meat and poultry and battered, breaded and fried foods. 

Our oxidation control solutions include plant-derived and synthetic options that can help delay lipid oxidation and extend the shelf life of your food products. 

Our food safety solutions include label-friendly and synthetic options that can help prevent microbial growth and extend the shelf life of your food products. 

Thrive With Kemin

At Kemin, our extensive knowledge and understanding of food products on a molecular level feeds our pursuit of quality solutions.

In addition to addressing today's needs, we anticipate tomorrow's food issues to help keep food fresh and safe for longer. To accomplish these goals we are constantly developing new and necessary products and improving our existing brands.

We collaborate with our clients on challenges, providing testing in our fully equipped laboratories to arrive at the best solutions. Our team of experts are available to develop, test and recommend solutions targeting specific client needs.

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