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A Natural Emulsifier to Enhance Lipid Digestibility

LYSOFORTE® is a lysophospholipid based nutritional emulsifier designed to enhance digestion and absorption of energy-rich feed ingredients, including fats, oils and fat-soluble nutrients in livestock and poultry feeds. By optimizing the three steps in fat digestion – emulsification, hydrolysis and absorption – LYSOFORTE provides producers a more consistent fat utilization response, enhanced nutrient absorption, improved animal performance and better feed cost control.


LYSOFORTE optimizes the use of fats and oils in the diet by supporting digestion and absorption. This allows you to either optimize efficiency in your current ration or support animal performance in a reduced energy, lower-cost diet.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique, natural emulsifier containing lysophospholipids
  • Support growth performance and feed efficiency1,2,3
  • Aids in nutrient digestion for young animals
  • Positively impacts gut morphology4
  • Improve fat emulsification and utilization with lysophospholipids5
  • Offer feed cost savings by replacing dietary fats in an energy matrix value reformulation strategy
  • Available in a dry, heat-stable form


The primary active ingredient in LYSOFORTE is lysolecithin. Lysolecithin is produced using an enzymatic process where soy lecithin is converted into lysophospholipids (LPLs).5 LPLs have increased hydrophilicity and are more fluid, which improves their capacity to support formation of oil-in-water emulsions. The LPLs in LYSOFORTE have unique physical and chemical properties which have been observed to enhance nutrient absorption and improve feed efficiency in multiple species.

LYSOFORTE Mode of Action

LYSOFORTE features a three-step mode of action that supports the emulsification, hydrolysis and absorption of fats, oils and fat-soluble nutrients in feed. This helps maximize feed efficiency and provide feed cost control.


Figure 1. Lysophospholipids (LPLs) in LYSOFORTE increase the efficiency of each step of fat digestion.


Efficient and easy to incorporate in a premix or complete feed, LYSOFORTE can be used either:

  • "On top" of existing diets to improve energy and nutrient absorption,
  • With a nutritional matrix to deliver feed cost savings by reformulating diets through reducing the inclusion of dietary fats and oils.

Suggested Feeding Rates

  • Swine and poultry: 1 lb. per ton of feed
  • Beef and dairy: 15 grams per head per day

Product Specifications and Resources

LYSOFORTE is sold in 25 kg bags. 

LYSOFORTE Dry Spec Sheet
LYSOFORTE Dry Brochure


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