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Advanced Solution for Swine Health

FORMYL is a cutting-edge feed additive designed to enhance the health and productivity of swine. Our proprietary blend of encapsulated calcium formate and citric acid ensures optimal delivery and efficacy.

FORMYL Digestive Tract for Swine

Benefits of FORMYL

  • Effective Feed Acidifier: FORMYL’s calcium formate is a highly effective feed acidifier and antimicrobial agent that combats pathogens by damaging their cell membranes, promoting a healthy gut environment for swine.
  • Non-Antibiotic Solution: FORMYL offers a non-antibiotic solution for bacterial control. Formic acid contributes to the prevention of Enterobacteriaceae challenges and avoiding Escherichia coli associated losses during the production cycle.
  • Encapsulation Technology: The encapsulation technology used in FORMYL allows for safer handling and better efficacy, ensuring that the organic acids arrive at the site of action in an undissociated form for maximum impact.  

Why Choose FORMYL?

  • Targeted Delivery: Kemin’s encapsulation technology ensures that FORMYL’s active ingredients are released where they’re needed in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Pathogen Control: FORMYL plays a crucial role as an acidifier inhibiting harmful pathogens and supporting the overall intestinal balance and health of your swine.
  • Enhanced Performance: By maintaining a healthy gut environment, FORMYL contributes to improved efficiency and profitability throughout the production cycle.

At Kemin, we’re dedicated to transforming the quality of life every day with our products and services. FORMYL is a testament to our commitment, developed to meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

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Suggested Feeding Rates and Product Specifications 

  • Swine feeding rate:  4 – 11 lbs per metric ton of complete feed.
  • Packaging: 25 kgs 

Product Specifications and Resources

FORMYL Spec Sheet
FORMYL for Swine One Pager

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