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Rooted in Science, Driven by Demand

Welcome To Kemin Crop Technologies. We Offer Premium Sustainable Biological Solutions For Commercial Specialty Crops & Greenhouse Growers

With the estimated global population expected to reach nine billion people by 2050, and with food production that needs to increase by an estimated seventy percent to meet this global demand, Kemin Crop Technologies is dedicated to ensuring that future generations have access to a healthy, sustainable food supply.

We are exploring new frontiers in science to help the agriculture industry be more efficient and effective. Our environmentally-friendly products give growers and farmers pest control and plant health technologies rooted in science and driven by demand.

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Kemin Crop Technologies shares your mission and passion. Let us help you produce the best performing product at the field level. 

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Overcome the Threat of Pests with Kemin Botanicals

We want to partner with commercial farmers to bring them state-of-the-art pest control, plant health technologies and expert advice. We believe our products can help growers overcome agricultural challenges, ensure the growth of healthy plants and improve crop productivity, yields and sustainability while achieving mutually profitable results.


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Reach the Full Potential of Your Crop with Kemin Solutions Today!

More and more feed companies, farmers and growers turn to Kemin Industries for help with their products every day, and we hope you will, too. The success and health of your crops and the plants you produce are our highest priority. Our biological products are created to be safe for workers and equip you with a powerful tool to protect and grow your crops.

Learn more about our line of highly-effective crop protection and sustainable crop health products here:

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Solutions Designed For You

Kemin Crop Technologies is advancing the future of sustainable agriculture. We are helping growers adopt the use of biologicals at the farm level with biopesticides designed for specialty crops.  Find the best fit for your field by searching for pest- or crop-specific solutions. 

Problem Pests

Specialty Crops

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At Kemin Crop Technologies, our story is your story - We are focused on solving challenging agricultural problems. We want to understand them and develop solutions that will succeed in diverse growing conditions or changing environmental factors. To do so, we gather new insights on the best and safest ways to promote healthy plant and crop growth every day. So, whether you are looking for biopesticide resources or want to learn more about biological pest control and crop nutrition, our blog is for you!

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