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Rooted in Science, Driven by Demand

With the estimated global population expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, Kemin Crop Technologies is dedicated to ensuring future generations have access to a healthy, sustainable food supply. Our environmentally-friendly products give the agricultural industry pest control and plant health technologies rooted in science and driven by demand.


Elevate your integrated pest management program with biopesticides

We want to partner with commercial farmers to bring them state-of-the-art pest control, plant health technologies and expert advice. We believe our products can help growers overcome agricultural challenges, ensure the growth of healthy plants and improve crop productivity, yields and sustainability, while achieving mutually profitable results.

Biopesticides in integrated pest management programs provide growers with another powerful tool to protect their crops. Our products are created to be safe for workers and effective on crops. Learn more about Kemin Crop Technologies below!

Fight Woolly Apple Aphids this Season with TetraCURB

Elevate your control of orchard pests with our contact botanical oil-based miticide-insecticides, TetraCURB™ Concentrate and TetraCURB™ Organic. They control, repel and provide quick knockdown on spider mites, thrips, woolly apple aphids and other soft-bodied insects in apple, cherry and pear orchards. Upgrade your integrated pest management program today, see how TertraCURB can work for you!

New Garlic oil-based miticides & insecticides to check out!

Kemin Crop Technologies is rolling out two new insecticide products, with miticide properties, to assist you in your integrated pest management system: GEMSEI and AlliCURB™ (California only). These garlic oil-based biopesticides are effective in  controlling and repelling mites, thrips, soft-bodied insects and lepidopteran pests.

Both products can play a major role in integrated pest management programs by limiting the likelihood of target pests developing resistance and have minimal impact on beneficial insects and the environment. Learn more about these products today!

Our biopesticides at work on your crops

We test our products repeatedly to ensure your success. Our crop trial data includes orchard, lettuce and leafy greens, strawberry, hops, tomato, hemp, and ornamental crops. Check out how our products perform on your crops!

Ready to include biopesticides into your integrated pest management program? Take control of your crop protection today with Kemin Crop Technologies!

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