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Kemin Crop Technologies

Biological Solutions for Specialty Crop & Greenhouse Growers

At Kemin Crop Technologies, we are dedicated to advancing the agriculture industry with premium pest control and plant health technologies that address grower’s unique challenges. Using scientific research and expertise, our plant science experts develop effective biological pest control solutions and plant nutrition supplements for commercial use.

We equip growers with powerful products that help boost plant yield and productivity, enhance plant health and promote environmentally friendly practices. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we are your partners in cultivating a prolific future.

Our Product Lines

Specialty Crops

Our botanical oil-based biopesticides and novel crop nutrition supplements optimize plant production and soil health without disrupting labor activity.

Specialty Crop Solutions

Greenhouse & Nursery

Our plant protection solutions, plant nutrition supplements and sanitation agent are designed to enhance plant health and productivity.

Greenhouse & Nursery Solutions


Must-Have Disease Control for California Post-Rainfall

PATHOCURB™, an OMRI-Listed® fungicide-bactericide formulated with thyme oil, is your optimal choice to spray following the heavy California winter precipitation.

Manage the upcoming pathogens on your field today!


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