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For Consistent Pigmentation in Poultry Skin & Eggs

For more than 40 years, Kemin has been the market leader in providing high quality carotenoid products – often referred to as pigments to the layer industry. ORO GLO®, a source of yellow pigmentation from marigolds, improves egg yolk color and increases lutein levels. Kemin also offers KEM GLO, a source of orange/red pigment, to further enhance egg yolk color. 

The Benefits of Lutein

Xanthophylls are a specific type of carotenoid, and one of the most important xanthophylls is lutein. Lutein is found in high quantities of green, leafy vegetables,1 as well as in marigolds, and plays a significant role in eye health.

The Benefits of Lutein

  • Promotes overall eye health and brain function2
  • Protects eyes from harmful blue light overexposure3
  • Protects cells from oxidative damage and inflammation4
  • May reduce the risk for and progression of age-related macular degeneration5
  • Supports brain health and infant development2

A Formulation to Fit Your Needs


Click here to learn more about Organic ORO GLO®.

ORO GLO® 15 Liquid delivers a consistent yellow pigmentation to broiler skin as well as consistent pigment color density throughout the product. The liquid form is particularly advantageous in high volume manufacturing situations.

  • Delivers a consistent yellow pigmentation to broiler skin
  • Better product stability means more xanthophylls delivered to the feed
  • Consistent pigment color density throughout the product
  • Provides additional lutein value to eggs


ORO GLO® 20 Dry is primarily used in layer diets and allows uniform distribution of color throughout the feed for a more consistent egg pigmentation.

  • The company's manufacturing technology produces a highly stable, consistent orange/yellow carotenoid
  • Consistent pigment color and particle density throughout the product
  • Provides additional lutein value to eggs
  • Highly stable and standardized product to guarantee consistent xanthophyll addition to the feed

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS)

Through its Customer Laboratory Services (CLS), Kemin offers customers a complimentary validation to test color and lutein values in egg yolks. CLS analyzes organic and non-organic feed ingredients to compare the consistency of lutein and color levels to the customer's carotenoid specification.

For more information on CLS, or to get your complimentary product analysis, contact your Kemin sales representative.

Product Specifications



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