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KemTRACE® Chromium

Chromium Supplementation for Swine, Dairy and Beef Cattle, Broilers, Turkeys and Horses

What is KemTRACE® Chromium?

KemTRACE® Chromium – the first product of its kind on the market – is a water soluble, highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium that helps improve glucose utilization and reduce the negative impacts of stress for increased cellular energy and function. This results in improved maintenance, reproduction, growth and immunity. KemTRACE Chromium has been fed to millions of animals around the globe since its introduction in 2000. It is registered in more than 35 countries worldwide and is the only U.S. Food and Drug Administration-reviewed form of chromium propionate.

As an expansion of the product portfolio, in 2021 Kemin launched KemTRACE® Chromium-OR – an organic-compliant form of chromium propionate for use in organic livestock, broiler and horse diets.

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has reviewed KemTRACE Chromium-OR against the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) and determined that KemTRACE Chromium-OR is permitted for use as a mineral livestock feed ingredient in organic production and processing and is now OMRI Listed®.

Our commitment to chromium promises to provide you with a high quality, safe and efficacious product to help your animals reach their optimal performance while maintaining profit. 

KemTRACE Chromium and KemTRACE Chromium-OR are manufactured in the U.S., sourced from U.S.-based raw materials and are available in two product concentrations:

  • 0.04% - for use in complete diets
  • 0.4% - for use in a premix prior to inclusion in complete diets

Quality and Safety: It's All By Design

Only Kemin has invested more than 20 years and millions of dollars toward scientific research validating the benefits of chromium propionate while bringing this essential trace mineral to millions of animals around the globe. KemTRACE Chromium and KemTRACE Chromium-OR are manufactured from materials sourced from the United States, under strict quality control and quality assurance procedures that meet the feed additive specifications published in 21 CFR 573.304.

As the world's largest producer of chromium propionate, Kemin has conducted more than 50 peer-reviewed chromium research trials to add further assurances regarding product safety, efficacy and traceability. Our rigorous regulatory approach demonstrates our commitment to safety and science.

KemTRACE Chromium and KemTRACE Chromium-OR Feeding Instructions:


Feeding Rate (Not to Exceed)



200 ppb

200 ppb


200 ppb


500 ppb


500 ppb


4 mg/h/d

KemTRACE Chromium 0.4% Spec Sheet
KemTRACE Chromium 0.4% Spec Sheet
KemTRACE Chromium-OR 0.4% Spec Sheet
KemTRACE Chromium-OR 0.04% Spec Sheet

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