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LysiGEM Extend

Concentrated Rumen-Protected Lysine

Modern dairy farmers are looking to improve efficiency and consistency in sustainable ways. LysiGEM Extend is formulated to help. The next generation of metabolizable protein, LysiGEM Extend is one of the most concentrated sources of rumen-protected lysine in the market today. 

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Helps meet metabolizable lysine requirements needed to achieve maximum production levels.

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Precision Feeding

Is an effective tool in achieving precision feeding in dairy production compared to relying on excess crude protein in diets. 

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Sustainable Farming

With proper diet formulation, helps reduce nitrogen excretion in manure, limit excess crude protein fed and improve overall nitrogen-use efficiency for growth and milk production.3,4

Developed by Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, LysiGEM Extend enables dairy farmers to meet the precise nutritional needs of their dairy cows while focusing on sustainability.

LysiGEM Extend helps improve efficiency and consistency in nutrition programs and reduces nutrient waste from dairy farming.

When formulating diets, it’s common to underestimate the amount of metabolizable lysine needed to maximize dairy productivity. Higher production levels, newer genetics and updated nutrition models require higher levels of metabolizable lysine to meet National Research Council requirements.

— Dr. Elliot Neto, Ruminant Technical Services Manager, Kemin Industries

LysiGEM Extend Bioavailability Research

The bioavailability of LysiGEM Extend is 49%, determined using data generated from a University of New Hampshire research trial.1

This trial used the plasma free AA dose-response technique2, which is considered to be the gold standard for comparison of rumen-protected encapsulated amino acids. 

How is LysiGEM Extend different from other sources of rumen-protected lysine?

Unlike other sources of rumen-protected lysine, LysiGEM Extend is made using proprietary GEM encapsulation and core technologies that deliver the highest concentration per unit of metabolizable lysine at the intestinal level.

Our proprietary GEM encapsulation technology reduces rumen retention through:

  • Optimal particle size
  • Specific gravity (sinkability)
  • Particle density
GEM Encapsulation Technologies

Benefits of GEM encapsulation:

  • Allows for targeted release of nutrients along the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Reduces rumen retention time and protects essential nutrients from rumen degradation while delivering to small intestine.
  • Masks odors and taste to improve palatability and handling.
  • Provides for a high concentration of core nutrients.
  • Makes LysiGEM Extend granules more durable.

LysiGEM Extend is Backed by Industry-Leading Kemin Support and Services

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health has the most technical, sales, and marketing expertise in the rumen-protected lysine market. We offer unmatched customer support from a robust team of dairy nutrition experts, product specialists, customer support staff, and dedicated technical support team members.

You also have access to our resident experts, including Ph.D. ruminant nutritionists and DVMs. They can offer trusted nutritional guidance based on technical expertise, applied knowledge, and industry experience. Plus, our comprehensive capabilities and services include support from Kemin Application Services, Customer Laboratory Services, and highly technical quality control laboratories for comprehensive ingredient testing.

Meet the LysiGEM Extend Technical Team

Elliot Neto headshot

Elliot Neto, Ph.D.,

Technical Services Manager, Western Region 

Irene Brown-Crowder headshot

Irene Brown-Crowder, Ph.D.,

Technical Services Manager, Eastern Region 

Victor Malacco headshot

Victor Malacca, Ph.D.,

Technical Services Manager, Eastern Region 

Fei Sun headshot

Fei Sun, Ph.D., PAS,

Marketing Manager, Eastern Region 

Discover the LysiGEM Extend Difference

Contact your Kemin sales representative or to learn more and get started.

LysiGEM Extend Spec Sheet


1Whitehouse, N.L., et al. (2023). Determining plasma lysine concentrations for lactating Holsteins supplemented with either infused lysine or two rumen protected lysine prototypes using the in vivo plasma dose response method. Journal of Dairy Science 106(Suppl. 1): 300. (Abstr.)
2Whitehouse, N.L., C.G. Schwab and A.F. Brito (2017). The plasma free amino acid dose-response technique: A proposed methodology for determining lysine relative bioavailability of rumen-protected lysine supplements. Journal of Dairy Science. 100(12):9585-9601. 
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