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PRO-OXINE® AH - Disinfection Solutions for Beef Health 

Simplify sanitation and disinfection management with PRO-OXINE® AH, a high-efficacy, broad-spectrum stabilized chlorine dioxide disinfectant proven to control fungal, viral, and bacterial pathogens. PRO-OXINE AH is offered as part of an all-around service program while providing proven protection from pathogens, resulting in a healthier and more efficient herd.


Drinking water

Water is an essential, but often overlooked, nutrient in livestock farms. Poor drinking water quality can limit water intake which in turn will limit rumen function and lead to health and performance problems.

Pathogens can multiply safely protected within slime buildups in water lines and seep into the drinking water stream, decreasing overall water quality. Unlike flush programs, PRO-OXINE AH is continuously applied in water lines, constantly disinfecting the water supply, and consistently improving drinking water quality. This results in healthier and better performing animals.

Key Features

  • 5% stabilized chlorine dioxide disinfectant solution (EPA Reg. no. 9804-9)
  • Broad-spectrum disinfectant controlling bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens
  • Fast acting, preventing pathogen resistance from developing
  • Effective over a broad range of pH (3 to 10)
  • Minimal neutralization from organic load
  • Low corrosion potential
  • OMRI Listed® for organic use


Designed by an expert team of in-house engineers, PRO-OXINE AH is offered with field-proven, automated application systems that are safe and eliminate the need for manual mixing. Bio-Cide International developed a complete portfolio of best-in-class equipment that can be installed to meet all your disinfection needs.


AANE: Non-electric system that automatically refills reservoir with active solution as needed.


EDIE: Electric, dual-injector, wall-mounted system to generate consistent activation.


TITAN: PLC-automated and user-friendly system that delivers set concentration for wide-volume applications.

PRO-OXINE AH is offered as part of a comprehensive program including support from many in-house teams including water technicians for on-site support to product application; veterinarians and PhDs to support field trials and product assessments; as well as an extensive list of services from our state-of-the-art Customer Laboratory Services team (CLS) to identify product demand, efficacy and more.

Bio-Cide International

Bio-Cide International, A Kemin Company, is a pioneer and leader of sanitation and disinfection solutions across different markets. Using over 50 years of research and development, products like PRO-OXINE AH were created to meet the ever-growing needs of the agriculture industry. 


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