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Concentrated Rumen-Protected Choline

CholiGEM is an advanced rumen-protected choline supplement designed to address fatty liver and ketosis in lactating dairy cows. CholiGEM features a high concentration of choline chloride, making it a superior choice for enhancing liver health during the critical transition phase.

CholiGEM features

  • Highly concentrated: 60% choline chloride in encapsulated form.
  • Premix formulation space: CholiGEM can create more premix formulation space.
  • Eco-friendly impact: This innovation potentially contributes to a greener footprint1 by maintaining optimal transition cow health and having a lower inclusion rate (compared to many competitive products in the market, which have a lower choline chloride content)

CholiGEM is Backed by Industry-Leading Kemin Support and Services

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health has the most technical, sales, and marketing expertise in the rumen-protected lysine market. We offer unmatched customer support from a robust team of dairy nutrition experts, product specialists, customer support staff, and dedicated technical support team members.

You also have access to our resident experts, including Ph.D. ruminant nutritionists and DVMs. They can offer trusted nutritional guidance based on technical expertise, applied knowledge, and industry experience. Plus, our comprehensive capabilities and services include support from Kemin Application Services, Customer Laboratory Services, and highly technical quality control laboratories for comprehensive ingredient testing.

Meet the CholiGEM Technical Team

Elliot Neto headshot

Elliot Neto, Ph.D.,

Technical Services Manager, Western Region 

Irene Brown-Crowder headshot

Irene Brown-Crowder, Ph.D.,

Technical Services Manager, Eastern Region 

Victor Malacco headshot

Victor Malacca, Ph.D.,

Technical Services Manager, Eastern Region 

Fei Sun headshot

Fei Sun, Ph.D., PAS,

Marketing Manager, Eastern Region 

Discover the CholiGEM Difference

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Product Specifications

CholiGEM Spec Sheet


1A comparative life cycle assessment study of CholiGEM™ and CholiPEARL™, TL-24-21638.

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