Kemin Pathogen Control for Swine: Protecting On-Farm Biosecurity

Each day producers face threats from common bacterial and viral challenges, as well as emerging and foreign animal diseases which may negatively impact their bottom line, and the swine industry as a whole.

As a global leader in nutrition and health solutions, it is our mission at Kemin to provide biosecurity and food safety tools within our agricultural markets. This is why we have established a dedicated Pathogen Control Team. Using years of research and development, Kemin products like Sal CURB® and KEM SAN® were created to meet the ever-changing demands of the swine production industry.


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Sal CURB, a blend of aqueous formaldehyde and organic acids, is an antimicrobial agent used to keep animal feed ingredients Salmonella-negative for up to 21 days. Formaldehyde has been shown to have antimicrobial properties against viruses in feed.

KEM SAN® Liquid Antimicrobial

KEM SAN is a unique combination of four effective organic acids buffered to an optimal pH range. KEM SAN is effective against biofilms in water lines.  Additionally, KEM SAN plays a key role in improving performance in nursery pigs as a tool for enteric disease control.  



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