Welcome to EquiSUMMIT

EquiSUMMIT™ is a premier virtual event that aims to equip horse enthusiasts with education and nutrition tools to unlock gut health and stress solutions for their horses. The inaugural EquiSUMMIT (hosted live July 9-10, 2021) featured experts from industry and academia – tackling important equine health issues such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, insulin resistance and inflammation.

The second annual EquiSUMMIT will be held live on May 25-26, 2022. We have put together another full agenda of the industry’s best scientists and professionals to present on pressing topics such as:

  • The Transformative Difference Between a Healthy Gut and a Leaky Gut
  • Gut-Brain Axis: How Your Horse's Mood and Behavior May be Impacted by Nutrition
  • The Impact of Heat Stress on Your Horse and the Steps You Should Take to Address It
  • The Equine Microbiome: Exploring the "Second Brain" of the Horse
  • Feeding the Laminitic Horse: The Importance of a Forage-First Diet
  • Health Spotlight: Fecal Water Syndrome

Whether you're a roper, racer, farrier, veterinarian, hobbyist or beyond – you'll find EquiSUMMIT has something to offer you. Complete the form on this page to access all of the 2021 EquiSUMMIT content, free of charge!



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