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Since the turn of the century, research studies about the positive effects of chromium in dairy cattle have shown that chromium supplementation is beneficial for:

Improving milk yield in transition cows

Improving milk yield in transition cows

Maintaining milk yield in heat-stressed cows

Maintaining milk yield in heat-stressed cows

Enhancing reproductive performance

Enhancing reproductive performance

Protecting cows from immunity challenges

Protecting cows from immunity challenges

THE BOTTOM LINE: Chromium supplementation can increase profitability.

What's the likelihood you'll achieve a positive milk response in your herd?

To evaluate how probable it is for producers to achieve production benefits, Kemin conducted a thorough meta-analysis of 16 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. The numbers speak for themselves.


probability that milk yield will increase by 1 lb/h/d


probability that milk yield will increase by 2 lb/h/d


probability that milk yield will increase by 3 lb/h/d

Data dive:

Milk yield response to chromium suppementation

To evaluate the effects of chromium supplementation in lactating dairy cows, Kemin analyzed 17 peer-reviewed, published journal articles from 2000 to 2015. These studies compared the daily milk yield (lb/h/d) of cows supplemented with chromium vs. control (non-chromium supplemented cows).



3.55 lb/h/d average weighted milk yield response.


KemTRACE® Chromium is supported by more than 20 years of Kemin research and is the only U.S. Food and Drug Administration-reviewed form of chromium propionate. By understanding a product's mode of action, you can be confident that it will provide benefits for your animals. See the KemTRACE Chromium mode of action at work.

How KemTRACE Chromium Works

Data dive:

Chromium price sensitivity analysis

A statistical weighted average of the peer-reviewed journal publications shown above was calculated. The weighted average response in daily milk yield is 3.55 lb/h/d. The table below shows a price sensitivity analysis based on differing milk prices ranging from $11/hundredweight (cwt) to $16.50/cwt — assuming cows achieve anywhere from 10% to 100% of the weighted average milk response.

How KemTRACE Chromium works

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Meta-analysis summary

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