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The Economics of Animal Health

June 4, 2020

Presented by Alistair Stott

Potentially costly health challenges and subclinical disease often go unnoticed — or at least, unaddressed. The perception is sometimes that these diseases only impact poorly managed farms, and that the cost of prevention would exceed any performance gains. However, is this really accurate?

In this webinar, Professor Alistair Stott, BSc, PhD will provide an insightful view on the economic impact of health challenges through the lens of risk management and its associated costs (and potential savings). Professor Stott has spent his career closely examining the intersection of health management and farm profitability. He will leverage his long research career with the University of Edinburgh and leading SRUC's land economy department in various positions related to animal health economics. He will also share his perspectives on the growing use of real-time data capturing technologies.

Whether you are a veterinarian, a farm manager or a general manager, looking at animal health through the eyes of an agricultural economist will provide you a valuable perspective on managing animal health.

Professor Alistair Stott holds a PhD in animal science from the University of Edinburgh. He has been closely linked to the University of Edinburgh as a lecturer since 1984, but mainly worked with SAC — later renamed SRUC — as an Economist and Head of the Animal Health Economics team, until retiring from there as head of Interim Vice Principal of Research. He is still actively involved in research — including with EPIC, The Scottish Government's Centre of Expertise in Animal Disease Outbreaks.

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