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Mold spoils more than just feed quality

What’s inside a bag of feed when your customers open it damage the perception of your feed!

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Keeping bagged feed that is in storage or on the shelves fresh and nutritious can be challenging. Common feed practices and environmental changes can lead to spoiled feed. Spoiled feed can cause a host of animal health problems — and damage to your customers’ trust in you.

The damage caused by spoiled feed goes beyond your reputation. The market loses millions of dollars in retail profit each year due to returned feed. Implementing a mold inhibitor for bagged feed in storage is key to reducing this risk. With research-backed lines of mold inhibitors, Kemin offers quality solutions to protect your feed.

What can cause feed spoilage in storage?

1. Heat: Bagged feed can be exposed to heat during transportation, warehouse and on-farm storage, as well as from heating that occurs with mold and bacteria growth.

2. Moisture: Moisture can become a problem in bagged feed because of improper storage, temperature fluctuations, exposure to precipitation, and high-moisture ingredients. Condensation from packaging or transportation can also pose a risk. 

3. Time: Feed can sit in warehouses, on store shelves or on the farm for extended periods of time.

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The impact of spoiled bagged feed

Mold and mycotoxins can negatively affect animal health:
  • Immunosuppression
  • Lower nutrient absorption 
  • Reduced animal performance
  • Leaky Gut
  • Reduced feed intake

Kemin mold inhibitors can help protect feed

Kemin is recognized in the feed industry for pioneering nutrient preservation in feed using blended organic acids for controlling mold growth. Over the years, Kemin tested, evaluated and perfected various combinations before arriving at the formulations for Ammo CURB®, Myco CURB® , Ultra CURB® and KALLSIL

Ammo CURB is a liquid or dry blend of buffered organic acids formulated to inhibit mold growth for processed feed ingredients and livestock feeds. It may be added directly to complete feed, feed ingredients and TMR to help maintain stability of feed during storage.

Learn more about Ammo CURB 

Myco CURB is a buffered solution that contains propionic, sorbic, and benzoic acid.  Myco CURB is a mold inhibitor for livestock feed, formulated to inhibit mold growth in processed feed ingredients, complete feed and total mixed rations (TMR).

Learn more about Myco CURB

Ultra CURB Liquid and Dry mold inhibitors are both premium, highly-concentrated blends of propionic acid, as well as acetic, benzoic and sorbic acids. The combination of acids is designed to target wild yeast growth, in addition to mold growth, to reduce total mixed ration (TMR) heating. Ultra CURB may be used on processed feed ingredients and all complete animal feeds.

Learn more about Ultra CURB

KALLSIL is an enhanced zeolite-based aluminosillicate mineral clay that acts as a broad spectrum fungal metabolite control to improve feed quality. KALLSIL also reduces caking, resulting in improved flow in feed and feed ingredients.

Learn more about KALLSIL

Kemin value-added services make a difference

Beyond providing leading-edge solutions to protect feed, Kemin experts are here to support you with feed protection in any way we can. Look to us for lab support or even expert marketing support to help you assure your customers are getting quality feed.

  • Customer Laboratory Services (CLS): Our team of experienced scientists provides dedicated laboratory support to ensure Kemin ingredients meet your performance goals. We partner with you and Kemin sales and technical service staff to provide chemistry and microbiology testing services.

Questions about mold inhibitors for bagged feed or best practices for feed storage? Contact your Kemin representative today.

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