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Hidden Profit Robbers: 4 Reasons to Test Your Feed, Fat and Water

Quality feed helps producers raise healthy livestock and poultry that offer quality protein — filling a vital role in the global food chain.

From the feed mill to the farm, every person involved in livestock and poultry production has a role to play in providing the nutrients, minerals and supplements that animals need to grow, reproduce and perform. To be successful, you must protect feed, feed ingredients and water from the risk of mold and mycotoxins, oxidation and pathogens that can decrease their nutritional value and open the door to health issues.

It's a balance that must be carefully maintained — and an agriculture testing lab can help. Here are four reasons you should be testing your feed ingredients and water to get the most out of your nutrition program.

Know the facts

How do you create solutions when you may not even know the source of the problems? Testing feed and water inputs gives you important data about your operation, which can be used to make informed decisions. As costs continue to rie, it's crucial to know you're getting the most out of the investments you make in your business. Testing confirms whether you're getting the value you should out of your feed, fat and water — all to help you understand what changes could be made to optimize performance.

Identify hidden challenges

Sometimes, issues are easy to spot. In many cases, mold in feed can be identified visually. The mycotoxins they produce, however, they can't be seen with the naked eye. These toxins can cause significant production loss even before symptoms can be noted in animals. Oxidation in a fat tank or bacteria buildup in water lines are other common examples of how nutrition can deteriorate long before detection. Making these discoveries could be the information you needed to take your operation to the next level. Without testing, it's difficult to uncover these problems.

Drinking Water Risks

Confirm product and application efficacy

When you invest in a new product or application system, you want to knowwhether it works. The right lab can help ensure the product is reaching optimal efficacy for your operation. This allows you to refine your nutrition program without guesswork, saving you time and money wasted on solutions that aren't improving performance.

Take a holistic approach

If you're looking to maximize the efficacy of your nutritional program, its best to take a holistic approach. Any agriculture testing lab can give you testing results on your feed, feed ingredients and water. The right laboratory partner will dig into performance goals and challenges across multiple aspects of your business, helping you understand what to smaple and what the results mean.

For example, you might already be testing your feed smaples for mycotoxins, but it may be time to also consider testing your fat tank to understand fat quality and protect it from oxidations.

Water, Livestock and Protein

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services

If you’re ready to start — or expand — testing in your operation, Kemin Customer Laboratory Services can help. We are a team of experienced scientists that provides dedicated laboratory support focused on feed, fat and water quality to ensure Kemin ingredients meet your performance goals. 

For decades, Kemin Customer Laboratory Services has partnered closely with our customers, as well as technical and sales staff, to deliver product efficacy, chemistry and microbiology testing services.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify potential challenges
    Our team works with you to assess the quality of feed ingredients, fat and water — testing areas that may introduce risk or reduce nutritive value.
  2. Explore potential solutions
    In collaboration with our technical service team and product managers, we utilize lab-scale efficacy testing procedures to select the appropriate product at an effective inclusion rate.
  3. Deliver product support after implementation
    After identifying a solution, our team can continue to provide support, as needed, with application verification, mixing efficiency studies (where possible) or periodic spot checks.
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