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Before gut health issues POP UP, feed your flock VANNIX™ C4


Are you ready to learn more about VANNIX C4? VANNIX C4 is a proprietary blend of phytogenic ingredients and a probiotic (Bacillus subtilis PB6) used to minimize the impact of enteric challenges on poultry performance. As a phytogenic feed additive, VANNIX C4 serves as a natural, cost-effective antibiotic alternative to help reduce the impact of pathogens – like Eimeria and Clostridium perfringens – on poultry intestinal integrity, thereby allowing birds to achieve their full performance potential.


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At Kemin, we strive to work in partnership with you – our valued customer – to research and develop products and services that will help to meet the current and future nutritional and health needs of the broiler industry. We understand your need to raise healthy birds that give consumers the nutritional benefits they are looking for, while also returning a profit. 


Maintaining gut health promotes the absence, prevention and avoidance of disease, which is essential to raising top performing birds. With fewer tools available to manage broiler health challenges – like coccidiosis and histomoniasis – the need for new, research-backed gut health solutions to support sustainable production has never been greater.

We’ve developed the multi-faceted Kemin Triple Check program to serve as a support system to CLEAN UP contaminants in feed and water prior to animal exposure, BUILD UP intestinal strength and immunity to reduce leaky gut and KNOCK OUT harmful pathogens for healthier and better performing flocks.



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