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Minimizing the Impact of Heat Stress on Feedlot Cattle with KemTRACE® Chromium

Heat can be a major stressor on cattle. Energy that’s expended to compensate for the impact of stress decreases the amount of energy available for productive purposes, including daily gain, immune system efficiency and muscle production.

Chromium potentiates the action of insulin, which ultimately allows more glucose availability at the cellular level. Additional glucose is used by the animal in a hierarchical manner to help reduce the energy demand from stress events, such as a pathogen challenge and/or high ambient temperatures, to provide needed energy for productive purposes.

KemTRACE® Chromium – the first trace mineral of its kind on the market – is a water soluble, highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium that helps improve glucose utilization and reduce the negative impacts of stress for increased cellular energy and function.


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Dr. Lance Baumgard
Professor of Nutritional Physiology
Iowa State University

Click to watch the adjacent presentation recording by Dr. Lance Baumgard to learn more about gut health and efficient nutrient utilization in cattle during stress.

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