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Experts Agree: It Takes 1, 2, 3

A Comprehensive Approach to Gut Health

Gut health is becoming synonymous with animal health — promoting the prevention of disease and leading to optimal performance in livestock and poultry. Producers can aid in nutrient absorption, weight gain, energy generation and more by focusing on three key areas, all of which are interconnected:

1. Contaminant Mitigation

Contaminants in feed and water can invade the gut lining and move into the bloodstream, going systemic and causing major production and health issues.

> Tip 1 : Look for products that target specific profit-robbing contaminants in fat, grain, water and finished feed.


2. Intestinal Integrity

The intestinal barrier is made up of a tight layer of epithelial cells, which prevents harmful pathogens from entering the system.

> Tip 2 : Look for products that tighten junctions between cells, resulting in a stronger intestinal barrier that protects against toxins and maximizes nutrient absorption.


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3. Pathogen Reduction

A healthy microbial balance provides protection against pathogen colonization and contributes to the overall well-being of the animal.

> Tip 3 : Look for products that stimulate the immune system, encourage beneficial bacteria and inhibit harmful pathogens from infiltrating the body.

Finding the Best Gut Health Solution

Gut health is crucial to maintaining productivity and profitability with less reliance on antibiotics — and it requires not just a solution but the best solution for maximum returns. Follow these tips and you'll see that implementing a comprehensive gut health solution in your operation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

To learn more about getting your custom-tailored solution, talk with your Kemin representative or visit Health.

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