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Feed Quality and Production Resources

Welcome to a resource center for feed quality and production. Kemin has been involved in the feed quality space for decades to provide effective solutions to our customer's problems.

What is feed quality? High-quality animal feed retains its nutritional value and visual appearance from the day it is harvested until the day it is consumed. Maintaining the nutritional value and quality of feed takes more than just proper handling and storage practices. To maintain feed value, producers must look for additional solutions such as fat and oil stabilizers, acid stabilizers for hay, forage inoculants and grain and feed storage enhancers.

Here you will find resources to educate and equip yourself on feed quality!


Optimizing Feed Production - Part 1: Improving Pelleted Feed Quality
  • Adam C. Fahrenholz, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Prestage Department of Poultry Science, North Carolina State University
  • Kurt Rosentrater, Ph.D. - Associate Professor in Biological and Process Engineering and Technology, Iowa State University

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand dietary physical characteristics that should be considered for pelleted feeds
  • Choose conditioning parameters
  • Optimize the process considering efficiency and feed physical and nutritional quality
  • Deal with feed ingredient variability while maintaining quality


Optimizing Feed Production - Part 2: Pelleting for Maximum Performance
  • Wilmer Pacheco, MSc., Ph.D. - Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor, Auburn University
  • Sarah Goodgame, Ph.D. - Poultry Nutritionist, Provimi-Cargill Animal Nutrition - North America

This webinar will help you:

  • Learn how pelleting feed improves nutrient delivery, reduces feed sorting and wastage
  • Gather practical ways to increase feed intake, improved feed efficiency and increase production performance


Optimizing Feed Production - Part 3: Making Pellets Efficiently
  • Dr. Charles Stark, Ph.D. - Jim and Carol Brown Professor in Feed Technology, Kansas State University
  • Phil Wellhausen - Applications Manager, California Pellet Mill

During this seminar participants will learn:

  • How small changes in formulations can enhance pellet quality
  • New technology to help make better quality pellets with less energy
  • How to enhance pellet quality in high bolume feed mills



Ammo CURB® - Mold Inhibitor

Ammo CURB® is a low-cost feed preservative for processed feed ingredients, complete animal feeds and total mixed rations (TMR). Available in dry and liquid formulations, Ammo CURB is a mono-acid preservative and may be added directly to complete feed, feed ingredients and TMR to help maintain stability of feed during relatively short-term storage.

ENDOX® Dry - Dry Antioxidants to Preserve Feed Quality

ENDOX® Dry Antioxidants are formulated specifically for the treatment of finished feeds and premixes. Each ENDOX product is a combination of an inert carrier coated with a synergistic blend of synthetic antioxidants, metal chelators and surfactants, which adequately distribute to protect feed from fat oxidation, vitamin degradation and more.

FRESH CUT® Plus - Liquid Hay Preservative

FRESH CUT® Plus Liquid is a hay preservative for hay baled at higher moisture levels. FRESH CUT Plus is an organic acid blend effective against a wide variety of mold strains and buffered to protect equipment from corrosion. The liquid formulation allows for more complete distribution and penetration into hay. 

KALLSIL® Dry - Reducing the Impact of Fungal Metabolites on Performance

KALLSIL® is an enhanced zeolite-based mineral that supports performance by reducing the harmful effects of naturally-occurring fungal metabolites found in livestock and poultry feeds. By absorbing moisture from feed, KALLSIL also reduces caking, resulting in improved flow in feed and feed ingredients. Published research has demonstrated mold inhibitors used with anti-caking aids, including zeolite clay, can reduce the negative effects of molds and mycotoxins contamination on animal performance.

MillSAVOR - For Improving the Manufacturing of Pelleted Feed and Feed Ingredients

MillSAVOR Liquid and MillSAVOR Liquid Concentrate are two milling efficiency products designed to improve the manufacturing of pelleted feed and feed ingredients. These innovative formulations include powerful surfactants which reduce surface tension in feed particles allowing for better moisture penetration and lower energy demand for pelleting. When applied with a customized Kemin liquid system, the MillSAVOR product line delivers unsurpassed performance improvements.

Myco CURB® - Mold Inhibitor

Myco CURB® and Kemin are names recognized worldwide as the pioneer in feed preservation. Myco CURB, an organic acid combination for feed, helps preserve nutrient value and quality of feed by reducing mold contamination. Buffered for worker safety and to help prevent metal corrosion, Myco CURB is available in liquid and dry formulations.

NATUROX® - Natural Antioxidants for Livestock Feed

NATUROX® is a synergistic blend of natural, mixed-tocopherols for superior free radical absorption, plus emulsifiers and chelators for complete protection against autoxidation. Recognized as the industry-leading natural antioxidant system for livestock feed, NATUROX offers a complete line of liquid and dry products to stabilize a wide variety of fats and feeds.

RENDOX® - Preserving Fat Quality

RENDOX® Liquid Antioxidants are formulated specifically for treating commonly-used rendered fats and oils. Each RENDOX product contains a unique, synergistic blend of antioxidants, metal chelators and oil-based carriers, which help prevent lipid oxidation – thereby prolonging shelf-life and ensuring fats and oils maintain their optimal nutritional value and palatability.

Silage SAVOR® - Premium Acid Preservative for Silage

The effect of organic acids on mold strains, especially propionic acid, have a long history of usage for silage preservation. The link between propionic acid and silage longevity is well understood. Silage SAVOR® Plus Liquid and Silage SAVOR® Dry are part of a unique, premium line of organic acid preservatives for silage. Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid is a concentrated blend of three organic acids offering a wide spectrum of control against spoilage organisms in all silage types. Silage SAVOR Dry is a convenient dry product designed to assist in the fermentation of silages by providing an environment that is optimal for epiphytic lactic acid-producing bacteria to grow. The dry and liquid forms of Silage SAVOR create a favorable fermentation, resulting in a rapid drop in pH to provide a stable silage. 

Ultra CURB® - Mold and Yeast Control for Animal Feed and Feed Ingredients

Ultra CURB® Liquid and Dry mold inhibitors are both highly-concentrated blends of four powerful organic acids. The combination of acids is designed to target wild yeast growth, in addition to mold growth, to reduce total mixed ration (TMR) heating. Ultra CURB may be used on processed feed ingredients and all complete animal feeds.




Managing Feed Quality is Key for Optimizing Feed Efficiency

With today’s skyrocketing corn, soybean, fat and oil prices, judicious management of feed costs is more critical than ever. The problem is the cost of a feed ingredient may not accurately reflect quality, nutritional value or return on investment. Profit-robbers in feed – molds, mycotoxins, oxidation and more – may be stealing valuable nutrients from feed, thereby reducing your animal’s efficiency, and negatively impacting your operation’s bottom-line.

Fat, Feed and Oxidation

The hot summer weather is beginning to wind down now – but it’s always a good time to ask, “how is my fat looking?” Monitoring the quality of your incoming fat sources is the primary step in effective fat management. The impacts of oxidation are irreversible, so it is crucial to begin with high-quality fat and then maintain that quality. Oxidized fat that has been negatively impacted by heat, light and oxygen can have a damaging impact on your animals. This impact can be seen across performance, health and nutrition through decreased growth, immunity challenges, loss of energy content in the fat itself and an array of other issues.

Visit our species-specific feed quality pages for more resources!

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