Quality, variability and value of feed ingredients can have a significant influence on diet costs, animal performance and an operation’s profitability. This is especially true when it comes to oxidation in feed which can negatively influence the nutrition, health and performance of livestock and poultry. 




  • Nutrition Effects: Decreased dietary energy, fat-soluble vitamin loss and feed rancidity
  • Health Effects: Leaky gut, inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Performance Effects: Poor body weight gain, reduced feed intake and lost feed efficiency



Protecting feed from oxidation starts with using high-quality lipids and feed ingredients. However, storage factors like moisture, temperature and time can deplete diet nutritional value and lead to formation of toxic free radicals which may negatively influence gut health. To minimize the adverse effects of oxidation, antioxidants should be used. Antioxidants sacrifice themselves to protect high-cost ingredients – fats, oils, vitamins and more – from oxidation, thereby offering producers a cost-effective way to maintain ingredient quality and limit oxidation risks.


Kemin-developed antioxidant systems provide an efficacious stability solution for various types of fats and oils over other single-component antioxidants. Kemin antioxidant solutions contain a synergistic blend of antioxidants to absorb free radicals, metal chelators to bind metal ions and oil-based carriers to ensure optimal homogeneity in the fat or feed matrix.

To help producers meet their unique oxidation solution needs, Kemin offers a diverse portfolio of synthetic antioxidant systems for fats, oils, premixes and complete feeds as well as natural antioxidant alternative products in both dry and liquid formulas. By partnering with Kemin, customers are provided with services to evaluate the quality of current fats and oils to help ensure their diets provide the energy and nutrients needed for optimal animal performance.

RENDOX® — For Fats and Oils


RENDOX® liquid antioxidants are formulated specifically for treating commonly used rendered fats and oils. Each RENDOX product contains a unique, synergistic blend of synthetic antioxidants, metal chelators and oil-based carriers which help prevent lipid oxidation thereby prolonging shelf-life and ensuring fats and oil maintain their optimal nutritional value and palatability.  

ENDOX® — For Feed and Feed Premixes


ENDOX®  antioxidants are formulated specifically for the treatment of finished feeds (ENDOX Dry) and premixes (ENDOX 5X). Each ENDOX product is a combination of an inert carrier coated with a synergistic blend of synthetic antioxidants, metal chelators and surfactants which adequately distributes throughout feed to protect feed from fat oxidation, vitamin degradation and more.  

NATUROX® — For Natural and Organic Programs


NATUROX® is a synergistic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols for superior free radical absorption, plus emulsifiers and chelators for complete protection against autoxidation. Recognized as the industry-leading, natural antioxidant system for livestock feed, NATUROX offers a complete line of liquid and dry products to stabilize a wide variety of fats and feeds.


RENDOX® Liquid Antioxidants

Oxidation - a major source of decreased fat and oil quality - not only reduces the energy value of lipids but can also have harmful effects on livestock and poultry growth performance. The RENDOX Liquid Antioxidant product line provides research-backed synthetic antioxidant systems designed to stabilize the diverse fats and oils used in feed formulations today.


ENDOX® Dry Antioxidants


Oxidation reduces the nutritional value of energy-rich lipids and increases fat-soluble vitamin susceptibility to destruction, thereby leaving animals vulnerable to disease and performance losses. ENDOX Dry Antioxidants are complete antioxidant systems formulated specifically to stabilize complete feeds and protect fat-soluble vitamins from degradation in concentrated mineral premixes.


Clean Feed and Water: The First Step for Gut Health


A healthy gut is key to optimal health and productivity. To ensure swine and poultry are set up for success, producers must manage contaminants in feed and water prior to animal exposure. As a part of the Kemin Gut Health Triple Check Program, Clean Up Solutions target specific profit-robbing contaminants - mold and mycotoxins, oxidized fats, pathogens, etc. - in your fat, grain, water and finished feed. The recognized authority in feed and water quality, Kemin helps you maintain maximum performance, regardless of the level of antibiotics used in your operation. 


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