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The Antimicrobial Solution for Livestock and Poultry Feeds

Sal CURB® Liquid Antimicrobial is a blend of aqueous formaldehyde 37 percent solution and propionic acid. Sal CURB maintains Salmonella-negative status of complete feeds and feed ingredients for up to 21 days and controls mold in feeds or feed ingredients.

When considering livestock and poultry health, pathogen control within the feed is essential. Producers and feed manufacturers responsible for the production of meat, milk and eggs play an important role in reducing biosecurity risks. Breaches in biosecurity can impact food safety, consumer trust and can lead to lost revenue and production.

Keeping pathogens out is the first step to an on-farm biosecurity program. An often-overlooked aspect in biosecurity plans is the role of feed and feed ingredients, which may carry certain pathogens which are detrimental to animal health or welfare. Sal CURB is a key component of a feed biosecurity and comprehensive pathogen control platform.

Product Features

  • FDA (21 CFR 573.460) approved use of formaldehyde for application on livestock and poultry feeds and feed ingredients
  • Use at a rate of 6.5 lb. (3 kg) per ton of complete feed
  • Available in 1,000 kg containers and in bulk deliveries

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Product Support

Sal CURB Efficacy

The efficacy of your pathogen control program is only as good as your application. No one feed mill is the same, which means that no one application system can be a perfect fit for all feed mills. Kemin has a dedicated team with years of research-backed experience available to provide your mill with the best engineering design for Sal CURB application to fit your respective mill.

Beyond getting Sal CURB applied correctly the first time, the Kemin Pathogen Control Team works with each customer to monitor their Sal CURB system. Through periodic testing protocols, utilizing the state-of-the-art Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) at Kemin, verification of product efficacy is confirmed to ensure you are getting the best pathogen control available on the market.

Long-term support is provided to all customers through regularly scheduled equipment monitoring, equipment updates and engineering support.

Sal CURB Safety

At Kemin, safety is #1. When you work with Kemin, you can rest assured that Sal CURB will be applied efficaciously, accurately and safely. Our dedicated technical service staff provides each customer feed mill with comprehensive safety and regulatory training. This training, led by a certified industrial hygienist and environmental engineer, will be conducted prior to the implementation of Sal CURB in your mill. In addition to face-to-face training, your mill will also be provided with a comprehensive training reference manual to help support training efforts for future feed mill employees.

Want to talk more about using Sal CURB for your antimicrobial solution for livestock and poultry feeds? The Kemin Pathogen Control Team is here to answer all of your questions.


Dr. Mark Bienhoff
Pathogen Control Team Leader


Dillon Mellick
Technical Service Manager


Adam Cannon
Project Manager

Jason DeLay

Jason DeLay
Sr. Sales Application Engineer

Product Specifications

Sal CURB LF Liquid Spec Sheet


Sal CURB Brochure
Salmonella Research Summary
Viral Research Summary
Information on Formaldehyde
Sal CURB One Pager

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A sometimes overlooked, but integral part of any biosecurity program is feed. Producers that don't have an eye on feed biosecurity run the risk of both domestic and foreign animal diseases being introduced and spreading through their herds.

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