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KemTRACE® Chromium

Chromium for Broilers

What is KemTRACE® Chromium?

KemTRACE® Chromium – the first product of its kind on the market – is a water soluble, highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium that helps improve glucose utilization and reduce the negative impacts of stress for increased cellular energy and function. This results in improved growth and immunity in broilers. KemTRACE Chromium has been fed to millions of animals around the globe since its introduction in 2000. It is registered in more than 35 countries worldwide and is the only U.S. Food and Drug Administration-reviewed form of chromium propionate. 

KemTRACE® Chromium-OR — an OMRI Listed®, organic-compliant form of chromium propionate — is also available in the U.S. for use in organic broiler diets.

KemTRACE Chromium and KemTRACE Chromium-OR are manufactured in the U.S., sourced from U.S.-based raw materials and are available in two product concentrations:

  • 0.04% - for use in complete diets
  • 0.4% - for use in a premix prior to inclusion in complete diets

Essential to Your Broiler Operation

The use of KemTRACE Chromium leads to an array of benefits in broilers, including increased breast meat yield, improved feed conversion ratio and livability. In response to stress, corticosterone – a stress hormone – is released by the bird’s adrenal gland. The release of corticosterone can have a negative impact on many biological factors such as metabolism and growth. Chromium decreases the presence corticosterone in the blood, thereby reducing the negative impacts caused by stress and allowing the bird to reach its full genetic potential.

KemTRACE Chromium Broiler Brochure

The results of both university and field evaluations demonstrate that KemTRACE Chromium is a highly bioavailable source of chromium that minimizes the impacts of stress, thus improving both performance and processing parameters.

Table 1. Summary of key performance parameters for various strains, weights and ages of broilers from university pen trials

*Compared to control. ND - No difference from control.

**Adjusted for weights and mortality.

Study 1: Vignale, K., D. Koltes, J.Weil, S. West, S. Weimer, V. Iseri, K. Christensen. 2017. The effect of chromium propionate on performance responses in heat stressed male broiler chickens. 2017 International Poultry Scientific Forum. Atlanta, GA. Abstract T181, page 53.
Study 2: Lester, T., K. Brown, C. Eagleson, V. Iseri, J. Lee. 2017. Evaluation of chromium propionate on broiler growth performance and processing yields. Journal of Poultry Science 96 (E-suppl. 1): 188.
Study 3: Kemin Internal Document, 18-00003.
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KemTRACE Chromium and KemTRACE Chromium-OR Broiler Feeding Instructions:

Feeding Period 


Feeding Rate 

(Not to Exceed) 


0.2 parts per million (200 parts per billion)


Delivers 0.2 parts per million (200 parts per billion) chromium (from chromium propionate) when added and thoroughly mixed at the rate of 1 pound per ton of complete broiler feed.

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Product Specifications

KemTRACE Chromium 0.4% Spec Sheet
KemTRACE Chromium 0.04% Spec Sheet
KemTRACE Chromium-OR 0.4% Spec Sheet
KemTRACE Chromium-OR 0.04% Spec Sheet

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