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AGP-Free Production and Reduction of Antibiotic Usage in Poultry — How to Prepare the Production Chain

July 9, 2020

Presented by Ricardo Hummes Rauber

Ricardo Hummes Rauber, Ph.D., is extremely knowledgeable about the science of antibiotic reduction in poultry. Putting this knowledge into action in one of the largest food companies in the world – BRF, Brazil – posed an entirely different challenge, however. Rauber will share his insights on how to prepare the production chain to phase-out AGPs and reduce the overall use of antibiotics in poultry production.

According to their own mission statement, “BRF does not make prophylactic use of antibiotics or AGPs in the production of poultry.” In addition, BRF has reduced the use of antibiotics considered critical by the WHO for use in human medicine. Rauber’s talk will give some insights about this transition in commercial integration.

Ricardo Hummes Rauber holds a Ph.D. in Poultry Health from the University of Rio Grande do Sul, as well as a Postdoc in Poultry Health from the Federal University of Parana and is an alumni of North Carolina State as a Specialist in Poultry Health. He has more than 15 years experiences in all fields of animal health from Animal Research Manager on mycotoxins at Lamic to Salmonella and mycotoxin interaction at the university of Rio Grande do Sul. Most recently Ricardo has been instrumental in driving the animal health innovation at BRF, initially as a poultry expert, now with responsibility for all species.

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