Microbiome: From Lab to Stable

Presented as part of the KEMTalk Webinar Series by Dr. Bill Vandergrift, Equine Nutrition Consultant and CEO of EquiVision.


Dr. Bill Vandergrift, CEO of EquiVision, is a consulting equine nutritionist working with feed companies, along with breeders, trainers and riders, on a national and international level. In the process of consulting with top breeders and international riders, Dr. Vandergrift formulated unique nutritional supplements to help individual horses and breeders achieve optimal performance.

Q&A Breakout

Question 1: Are equine fecal assays of microbiome of value to predict that an individual is at risk to a GI upset?


Question 2: Is it true that probiotics are not reproductively active in the gut, but metabolically active to influence microbiome (and this is why daily feeding of probiotics is needed)?


Question 3: How much dietary fat intake is "too much"? Should probiotics always be used with a "high fat" feed?


Question 4: Do you have a reference or publication that speaks to an increase in LPS production in horses consuming higher fat diets?


Question 5: Could repeated low grade leaky gut episodes be the early trigger that starts the metabolic syndrome and IR cascade?

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