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Leaky Gut: Symptoms, Causes and Nutritional Approaches to Ameliorate

Presented as part of the KEMTalk Webinar Series by Dr. Bill Vandergrift, Equine Nutrition Consultant and CEO of EquiVision.

Dr. Bill Vandergrift, CEO of EquiVision, is a consulting equine nutritionist working with feed companies, along with breeders, trainers and riders, on a national and international level. In the process of consulting with top breeders and international riders, Dr. Vandergrift formulated unique nutritional supplements to help individual horses and breeders achieve optimal performance.

Q&A Breakout

Question 1: 
With the "crankiness" more common on the right side, do you think that is due to problems in the cecum, right upper/lower colon, or simply somewhere in the small intestine?

Question 2: You mentioned that intense equine athletes are prone to leaky gut. Would horses that compete on weekends in moderate or low-level competitions also be susceptible to leaky gut?

Question 3: Could hindgut leaky gut be involved in the pathogenesis of equine gastric ulcer syndrome? In other words, would be a horse with a healthy hindgut be less likely to equine gastric ulcer syndrome?

Question 4: High quality equine feeds now provide probiotics, prebiotics, beet pulp and soy hulls. Why would supplemental butyric acid in an equine feed or supplement be of any additional benefit to hindgut health in horses?

Question 5: Just to clarify - with respect to EPA, what does was being fed? There are several products on the market and they vary in concentration.

Question 6: Where can I get your GI Calm and other products?

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