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How Stress and Leaky Gut Are Related

Presented as part of the KEMTalk Webinar Series by Dr. Lance Baumgard, Norman L. Jacobson Endowed Professor in Dairy Nutrition at Iowa State University.


Q&A Breakout

Question 1:
 We know that increased insulin and insulin resistance is linked to equine laminitis. Is it logical to assume LGS could be a trigger within equine laminitis?

Question 2: Race horses are often taken off feed before an event for several hours. Could this be setting them up for LGS?

Question 3: Would exercising horses in hot, humid environments be even more of a risk for LGS?

Question 4: What are the effects of probiotics in mitigating leaky gut?

Question 5: Heat stress all the time?

Question 6: Is leaky gut a disease?

Question 7: Could subclinical leaks of the gut be a bigger issue than over heating or carbohydrate stress?

Question 8: How successful has butyric been in feeding animals?

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