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Kemin’s Technical Support And Advice — At Your Location

At Kemin, we offer highly efficient, science-based solutions coupled with tailor-made technical support.

Our Technical Services Team, located across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA), offers dedicated and specialized support at your specific location — and when you need it most.

We look at your needs and challenges and, together with our academic and scientific insights, we compile practical, impactful solutions.

Our Technical Service team provides immediate support with:

  • protocol development and trial coordination;
  • regulations for feed ingredients;
  • performance optimization;
  • results monitoring and reporting;
  • tailored training;
  • inclusion rates for your changing needs;
  • risk assessments or process scale-up testing;
  • farm visits with management and health assessments to design tailored preventive plans. 

Partnerships In Nutrition, Health, Feed Processing And Safety

Modern animal production faces increasing challenges and there’s a need for more in-depth scientific knowledge due to complex economic management, animal performance touching upon the genetic potential of animals, specific and strict consumer demands, emerging diseases, regulatory limitations (such as on antibiotic usage), increased demands on welfare, and increased awareness of sustainable farming.

Moreover, feed mills, integrators, veterinarians, and farmers equally face increasing requests and needs, requiring quick and agile action. 

To tackle the above challenges and increasing complexity, close cooperation between industry stakeholders and the sharing of expertise is imperative. And we strive to do this for nutrition, health, and safety — the 3 pillars of our technical solutions at Kemin.

As such, our Technical Services team is keen to build sustainable, close partnerships with the livestock industry across our region, providing the best nutritional and health support to ensure business profitability. 

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