Producers worldwide face the challenge to balance feed costs and animal productivity. Improving the digestion and absorption nutrients from feed can help animal producers achieve both efficiency and profitability.

Young Animals Need a Helping Hand

It is well known that the digestive system in young animals is underdeveloped. Consequently, dietary nutrients are not fully utilised, resulting in a direct impact on feed efficiency.

Female hands holding a chick in chicken farm



LYSOFORTE® improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Especially in young poultry, this digestive aid significantly reduces the dietary stress in the animal, resulting in increased animal performance.

In addition, by applying LYSOFORTE in broiler breeder diets, chicks get a head start. LYSOFORTE improves fertility, egg production and hatchability in broiler breeders by increasing the vitamin E absorption.



Supporting the Whole Life-Cycle

In addition to the support they offer specifically to young animals, LYSOFORTE and KEMZYME Plus  also provide nutritional support throughout the remainder of the life-cycle. With the use of LYSOFORTE in fattening poultry overall improved animal performance as well as feed cost savings can be achieved.


Egg in a nest
Three chicks in front of white background
Isolated brown hen with egg in the studio

Complex Layers Diets Require Optimal Digestive Support

It is very clear that we are moving towards more complex diets with an increased and more diverse Non-Starch Polysaccharide (NSP) composition. In such diets, the use of alternative raw materials with high fibre content and lower nutritional value plays a fundamental role. Therefore, it is more than ever crucial to optimize nutrient retention and performance of these complex diets to the maximum.


KEMZYME® Plus has been optimally designed to improve nutrient digestibility providing maximum functionality on complex diets of laying hens. It allows more flexible feed formulation with higher levels of crude fiber and higher inclusion rates of by-products, keeping diet efficacy and increasing laying hen welfare in challenging conditions.

LYSOFORTE improved the digestion and absorption of fats and other nutrients. Specifically, LYSOFORTE increases egg production due to better absorption of fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamin E.