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Safeguarding Healthy Poultry Production With Science Optimized Savings

Rising transport and energy costs, along with persistently high raw material prices, force many producers to look for innovative ways to protect business profitability.

Applying a scientifically substantiated, nutritional program to optimize savings — through improving feed efficiency — is imperative to safeguarding healthy poultry production.


At Kemin, we believe that implementing a sustainable strategy is key to managing feed efficiency and ensuring essential nutrients consumed by the bird are optimally utilized. We do this in two main ways:

  1. Enhancing feed digestion in the intestinal lumen and,
  2. Optimizing nutrient absorption through the cells of the small intestine.

Promoting Optimal Nutrient Digestion With Exogenous Enzymes 

More than ever, it is crucial to fully optimize nutrient retention to improve the performance of today’s complex poultry diets. Enzymes improve the digestibility of specific substrates and enhance the bird’s endogenous enzyme production – releasing more nutrients in the gut for absorption.

In this way, optimal viscosity of the digesta can be ensured with less undigested feed ingredients reaching the hindgut, resulting in healthier and better performing birds. 

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Let us support you in optimizing feed efficiency. Explore our portfolio of well-designed, unique enzyme blends that are convenient and easy to use below. We combine technical expertise and research development within the field to help you unlock the full nutrient potential of your diets, optimize feed efficiency, save costs, and support sustainable poultry production.


  • Our KEMZYME® Plus Dry:
    • Is a unique, multi-enzyme blend, optimally designed to have maximum functionality within complex poultry diets by supporting the digestibility of the NSP and crude protein fraction of the diets;
    • Is the only EU registered additive with 5 declared and quantified enzyme activities (Identification number: 4a1620i); 
    • Benefits your production either when used ‘on top’ of the standard diet to enhance animal performance, or when applied in a reformulation strategy to save feed costs; 
    • Allows the required flexibility to introduce alternative, lower nutritive, and less costly raw materials into your diets, reducing dependency on corn, soybean meal, and vegetable oil;
    • Is also available in a concentrated form for use in premix.

    • Our KEMZYME® Plus P Dry combines KEMZYME Plus Dry with a phytase for additionally increasing phosphorous availability.
    • Our Nutrikem® EXTEND is a unique blend of KEMZYME Plus Dry and LYSOFORTE EXTEND, combining enzymes with a nutrient absorption enhancer. 

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    Improved digestion does not automatically translate to effective gut absorption. That’s why, at Kemin, we believe that a nutrient absorption enhancer is the key to optimizing nutrient uptake and to fully realizing your investment in digestive enzymes. 

    LYSOFORTE EXTEND is our unique Nutrient Absorption Enhancer, proven to enhance the digestion and absorption of essential energy ingredients and other valuable, lipophilic nutrients in monogastrics. It can: 

    ✔  Be applied on top of the diet to promote animal performance; 

    ✔  Facilitate the reduction of added fat/oils and proteinaceous raw materials (when applied in a reformulation), resulting in significantly lower feed costs.

    Research on LYSOFORTE EXTEND has shown advantages across all stages of poultry production. In broilers it reduces feed conversion, supports weight gain, reduces abdominal fat, increases carcass yield, improved litter quality, and in layers supports laying rate and egg yolk coloration.

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