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Kemin’s Effective Animal Feed Processing Solutions

The animal feed industry is breaking new ground in the worldwide drive to reduce waste and maximize recycling opportunities. A wide range of industries, including the human food industry, produce what they consider waste products - food unfit for human consumption. However, these products are high in nutritional value and provide a significant opportunity to repurpose “waste” into high-quality animal feed.

Kemin’s Effective Animal Feed Processing Solutions

There is great potential in repurposing and reprocessing waste food. However, many obstacles need to be overcome to realize this. To aid you in unlocking this, Kemin has worked tirelessly to develop a professional and integrated animal feed processing solution.

Our approach starts with our highly trained nutritionists, who analyze the available ingredients and select the appropriate option, to meet your specific nutrient requirements and feed targets.

Our innovative formulations and techniques then covert these materials into nutrient-rich feed, that will unlock optimal animal health and performance. Through an advanced process of blending and cooking, food waste is processed to maximize digestibility and enhance nutrient absorption.

Once your feed composition has been determined, a wide array of teams work together to produce the product you require. Feed mill operators need to efficiently create a high-quality feed with minimal waste or equipment breakdown. Financial teams need to reliably and cost-effectively source ingredients, maintain profitability, and achieve sustainability targets. Finally, quality assurance teams must ensure that all aspects of the feed production process meet the highest quality standards. All these processes must be coordinated and aligned to achieve maximum efficiency. 

Added to the above, Kemin provides an integrated digital solution, to manage the integration and operation of all processes. Our vast experience with big data analytics and automation technology allow us to develop a feed processing solution specific to your needs. We can integrate innovative molecular feed solutions and make use of proven feed blends, to ensure your milling process is profitable and sustainable.