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The feed processing and storage industry demand profitable and sustainable operations. millSMART™ for feed processing and feed safety provides services and solutions to optimize process control delivering outstanding productivity, quality and safety.

Feed processing is a complex operation, and feed manufacturers are continuously seeking ways to improve efficacy and profitability while ensuring feed safety. This drives the need for innovation in feed processing to meet the increasing demands for food of animal origin.  The options to improve feed manufacturing are countless, and it is noted that advancements made in feed processing and technology are impacting productivity, pellet quality, feed safety and profitability.

Process targets and key performance indicators are set to ensure feed quality is reached during processing. Quality is essentially how much you vary around that target or specification. Reducing process variation, is a measure of quality in a feed operation. Sooner the efforts made to reduce variation in the process, the optimised effect will be carried through during subsequent steps in feed processing.

millSMART Online is:

  • Reducing variation within and between batches of feed
  • Allows targets to be reached for optimal processing conditions
  • Improves all Key Performance Indicators 


millSMART Online and digitalisation provides key benefits and insights for effective feed processing, contributing to the sustainable development of feed operations and environmental protection for a happier, more prosperous and healthier world. Watch our video to learn all about it!

The variability of moisture in feed raw materials, in processing feed has seen to increase cost by up to 50%. Therefore, we eliminate large process fluctuations, reducing variability and improving quality of process operations and pellets with the millSMART programme. This programme provides key benefits and insights.

Feed safety in processing is crucial. Preventing environmental contamination and in-line condensation reduces the risk for pathogenic bacterial re-contamination, such as Salmonella. Safe feed for safe food in the feed and food chain, with Sal CURB® Ba Liquid: A unique mixture of synergistic compounds. We have created a document with more information on this organic acids, you can download it for free! 

Download the document here


Maintaining efficient feed processing

Ensuring feed safety 

Delivering value adding services 

Offering a cost-effective program and solutions

Analyzing Big Data 


Metadata; an analysis of 85 global trials


Processing parameters are positively improved by monitoring the production process. We are able to optimize feed processing productivity, guaranteeing quality and safety and increasing profitability. 

Collecting Big Data becomes increasingly important for process control. 

The Key Performance Indicators in Feed Processing Productivity

Feedstuff optimization

Pellet quality

Energy consumption

Feed processing productivity and throughput

Process standardization

Feed safety


millSMART Programme

Kemin’s programme for effective feed processing, ensures feed mill profitability, improves feed pellet quality, feed safety, productivity and sustainability. Our millSMART programme product range consists of several solutions. 


Opti CURB® is  an activated solution of either:

Myco CURB® to form Opti CURB M

Sal CURB® to form Opti CURB S

KEM WET™ to form Opti CURB K

The three product ranges with versatile usage are effectively applied via Kemin’s engineering application technology.


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