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It is a challenge to manage the modern feed mill. Data collection and good monitoring are crucial to ensure productivity, quality, and safety. There is an increasing interest in innovations and interventions which optimize feed mill KPI’s and benefits that translate into a sustainable and profitable operation. One of the main feed mill challenges is process variation which is critical for the feed mill KPI’s. Process variation is characterized by fluctuations in measurements within or between batches.

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Process standardization means reducing moisture variation both within and between batches. Optimizing specific parameters with advancements made in feed processing will minimize and reduce process variation to realize economic gains for the feed mill of up to €10 per ton of feed produced. For effective feed processing, an integrated feed processing, and feed safety program is needed which impacts productivity, feed quality and safety, while ensuring profitable and sustainable operations.

We offer a complete millSMART™ program, including the right product, application solutions, and services. In our journey to online, we focus on the application solution with the millSMART ONLINE technology. This is an automatic dosing system programmed to measure and control the moisture level in the batch mixer in real-time.

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Your benefits of fully integrating our online solution in your plant software

Reducing process variation and reaching higher targets is achieved by integrating millSMART ONLINE in the mixer. This translates into the entire process. Benefits gained from optimal conditioning and pelleting conditions to effective cooling practices are seen in improved productivity, quality, and safety. This results in improved profitability and process standardisation with millSMART™ ONLINE. Meta-data analysis and descriptive analytics have reported savings from the key performance indicators measured in the trials conducted in Kemin globally, with a total saving per feed of approximately €10. Securing feed safety assuring animal performance reducing process variability contributing to sustainability and increasing profitability.


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