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Kemin’s Tailored Harvesting Solutions

Preserving and optimising the quality of harvested cereal grains and pulses is vital for the animal feed industry. Traditional practices no longer provide the needed flexibility and result in yield losses and waste, which directly impact the quality, availability and cost of raw materials.

Our comprehensive grain treatment (GT) programme provides increased harvest and storage flexibility, giving you the tools and options to ensure a successful harvest and ensure the safe storage of high-quality grains and pulses.

Our cost-effective approach eliminates the need for drying at harvest and helps to increase yields and reduce losses during storage.

At Kemin, our range of effective solutions helps you with the challenges of harvesting and storage. Read more in our digital brochure (or below) and learn more about the tailored solutions we offer. 


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Kemin’s Solutions at Harvest Time

Our globally recognised Grain Treatment (GT) Programme has proven successful in the long-term storage of grains and pulse worldwide. As part of this programme, we support you in confidently adopting effective grain treatment and storage solutions, minimising the risk of grain deterioration and losses.

Our research demonstrates that applying Myco® CURB grains captures the nutritive value, reduces total mould counts, inhibits mite populations and guarantees good grain quality.

Watch the video below to see Kemin’s Grain Treatment Program in action — Adesco partners with Brett Brothers Ltd. 


Kemin 2023 Grain Video

From Challenge to Opportunity: Moisture Management and Grain Treatment for Sustainable Agriculture

Increasing attention to climate change has created a renewed focus on preserving and using native grains. Harvesting - moisture management and storage of grains provide both challenges and opportunities. Therefore it is crucial to look at grain treatment. Grain treatment increases harvest windows, reduces carbon footprint, and optimises grain yields whilst maximising grain quality and minimising risks from moulds and pests. The above can generate > 10 euro/tonne revenue than dry/drying.

We have many experiences with treating stored grain with our Myco CURB ES liquid and there are many important advantages, some key points can be found here:

·        Stored grain treated with our Myco CURB ES liquid solution produces up to 3 times less CO2-eq per ton of grain, in comparison to other grain storage methods- aerated and dried.

·        Treated grain is safe for the environment in comparison to other grain storage methods.

·        This solution means improvement in the quality of livestock feed and this significantly impacts the performance and growth of livestock.

·        The use of Myco CURB ES liquid results in reduced mould growth and nutritional losses, minimises the risk of mycotoxins, and prevents insects (mites) in the grain — all resulting in the superior quality of stored grains, which in turn enhances the development and performance of ruminants and other livestock.

All-in-all, at Kemin we believe it is crucial to adopt optimal grain storage practices which enhance animal production and environmental sustainability.

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Myco CURB: Leading the Way in Mould Inhibition for Feed and Feed Ingredients

We are proud that Myco CURB the global leader in mould inhibition for feed and feed ingredients and our commitment to partnerships, innovation and forward-thinking sets us apart.

Continual innovation is at the heart of our approach. Through our expertise, we provide proven solutions that extend the shelf-life of your feed and ingredients, reduce waste, and enhance profitability.

Learn how Myco CURB inhibits mould contamination 


Customer-centric support and monitoring tools

Accurately assessing the quality of grains at harvest and during storage is the key to gaining a comprehensive understanding of their condition. At Kemin, we recognise the importance of quantifying and analysing samples, to create concrete data that can be used to evaluate risks, track changes over time and manage these factors effectively.

In our measuring and tracking, we focus on quality parameters, such as:

.     Total Mould Count (TMC)

.      Moisture

.      Water Activity

.       CO2 stress/ stability testing

Supporting Services

The Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team has dedicated specialists who annually examine the quality of hundreds of grain, feed, and feed raw material samples used in livestock production.

This has resulted in a database of information, which helps us to uniquely understand the factors and risks present, along with techniques, tools, and solutions to best approach and manage these risks.

This strategy helps us continue to grow and learn with you, working towards continuous innovation and improving our solutions to provide the most effective approach.

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Our Kemin Application Solutions team provide unique application technology, expertise and services, to help maximise the efficacy of the GT programme. The Kemin Application Solutions team includes experienced engineers and technicians that help to install, maintain and optimise customer application equipment, ensuring our solutions meet your performance goals.

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At Kemin, we pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to your specific situation and requirements during harvesting. With over 60 years of experience in the feed industry, we have gathered extensive knowledge and data, whilst still recognising that every situation is different and may require a unique approache. If you have a question about our harvesting solutions, please contact us via email here.





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