Kemin Lifelong Learning Program

Through Kemin Lifelong Learning Program, we share cutting-edge science, strategies, approaches and useful tools for customers to deepen their understanding of amino acid implementation. We aim to be at the forefront in leading the market in amino acid nutrition and stay a market reference, not only in the dairy sector, but also for small ruminants, beef cattle production and milk industry. With this aim we maintain our customers well formed, informed and updated about the most recent researches.

Kemin is recognized as the leader in the amino acid ruminant nutrition. Consequently, we want to keep serving as a visionary who communicates and keep the nutritionist well trained and informed about the most recent research. We are constantly providing tools and knowledge for the amino acid formulation implementation, to identify different strategies, alternatives and approaches, to be aware about all extra benefits.

Continuing its commitment, Kemin EMENA brings new insights and frontiers by organizing our Annual Symposium, and different local seminars through whole Europe, Middle East, Russia and CIS.

Kemin Lifelong Learning Program aims to continually provide the right technology and knowledge for the successful amino acid implementation, and supply the best ruminant products and services to the market. 

Nutritional solutions are essential in preventing performance issues and recently published Kemin Reference Manual will serve as a guide in addressing this.

Ruminant Amino Acid Formulation Reference Manual

New Book Uncovers a New Approach to Increasing Profitability in the Dairy Industry

Kemin is pleased to announce the launch of the “Kemin Reference Manual for Ruminant Amino Acid Formulation” as part of its ongoing Kemin Lifelong Learning program.

Written by experienced professionals and industry experts for nutritionists and technicians in the dairy market, the book focuses on how to formulate in different contexts and amino acid nutrition systems. Beyond formulation, the book inspires a new way to think about increasing revenue and profitability in dairy farming.

As experts in a world of highly competitive dairy farming, we believe it is our responsibility to provide customers with a thorough understanding of how protein metabolism can benefit their operation. Through the last ten years of the Kemin Lifelong Learning program, Kemin shared cutting-edge science, strategies, approaches and useful tools for customers to deepen their understanding of amino acid implementation.

Amino acid nutrition has important functions in metabolism, with a significant influence on an animal’s:

* Health

* Fertility

* Oxidative and inflammatory status

It can help dairy animals overcome challenges and stresses throughout the complete lactation period, including the transition phase.

Table of contents for the “Kemin Reference Manual for Ruminant Amino Acid Formulation”:

* Introduction by Javier Mateos, Javier López, Dr. Diego Martinez

* The Basics of Amino Acid Nutrition by Mohammad Al Rifai

* Amino Acid Nutrition in the French INRA System by Anthony Mercier, Damien David

* Amino Acid Formulation in European Systems: DVE, TMP, FIM, NORFOR, EXTENDED NXP by Dr. Angela Schröder, Kimberley Vriesinga, Lani Scholtz, Dr. Katharina Pfeil, Niels Justesen

* Amino Acid Nutrition in the NRC and CNCPS Systems by Mohammad Al Rifai, Waqar Khan

* Balancing Amino Acids to Improve Efficiency in Dairy Nutrition by Dr. Ivan Eisner, Anthony Mercier

* Amino Acids in Fertility, Reproduction and Epigenetics by Dmitry Glukhov

* Amino Acids and Health Status by Dmitry Glukhov

* Amino Acid Nutrition, Milk Characteristics and Cheese Manufacture by Javier Mateos, Javier López, Jaime Magdalena, Dr. Diego Martínez

* Practical Ration Formulation: R-AA-TION BALANCER™ by Dr. Ivan Eisner, Dr. Stefano Mattuzzi, Marcin Maj

* Feeding Rations without Soya for High Producing Dairy Cows: Secrets of Success by Dr. Ivan Eisner, Dr. Angela Schröder, Dr. Katharina Pfeil

This new book will be a valuable tool because it not only explains how to formulate in different nutrition systems, it also helps customers understand protein metabolism and tie key concepts back to gaining precision in diets.

For more information on the reference manual, contact your local Kemin sales representative or address a question on the website.