Kemin Lifelong Learning Program for customers

Through Kemin Lifelong Learning Program, we share cutting-edge science, strategies, approaches and useful tools for customers to deepen their understanding of amino acid implementation. We aim to be at the forefront in leading the market in amino acid nutrition and stay a market reference, not only in the dairy sector, but also for small ruminants, beef cattle production and milk industry. With this aim we maintain our customers well formed, informed and updated about the most recent researches.

Kemin is recognized as the leader in the amino acid ruminant nutrition. Consequently, we want to keep serving as a visionary who communicates and keep the nutritionist well trained and informed about the most recent research. We are constantly providing tools and knowledge for the amino acid formulation implementation, to identify different strategies, alternatives and approaches, to be aware about all extra benefits.



Continuing its commitment, Kemin brings new insights and frontiers by organizing our Annual Symposium, and different local seminars through whole Europe, Middle East, Russia and CIS. If you are interested in attanding one of these seminars, please fill in the contact form to be informed. 


Customer trainings for becoming the Reference Transfer Channel with our products and services. We will transfer all scientific findings and advantages to the customers. We will adapt these findings for the best practical implementation.

Best Rumen Protected Amino Acids and Services

Kemin's Lifelong Learning Program aims to continually provide the right technology and knowledge for the successful amino acid implementation.

Ruminant Amino Acid Formulation Reference Manual

Nutritional solutions are essential in preventing performance issues and recently published Kemin's Reference Manual will serve as a guide in addressing this.


Ruminant Amino Acid Formulation Manual 

The Kemin Reference Manual is part of our ongoing Kemin Lifelong Learning Program and is written by experienced professionals and industry experts. The Manual not only focuses on how to formulate in different contexts and amino acid nutrition systems, but also inspires a new way of thinking on increasing profitability in dairy farming. 

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