Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health

By 2050, an expanded global population, predicted to reach 9 billion, will consume two thirds more animal protein than it does today. This is being driven by income growth across the globe.

This growing demand for protein provides opportunities for producers to continuously improve their operations and profitability.

We developed the Total Nutrition™ program to satisfy two basic needs: raising healthy animals that provide superior nutritional benefits and maintaining a profitable business.


Double exposure picture of two hands holding farm animals in the hands and arms such as cows, pigs and chickens with a tagline nurturing your growth specialized in animal feed solutions


In addition to our solutions, the Kemin Technical Service Team will help you successfully implement these products in the most effective way possible.

The Application Engineering Technology will also work with customers to develop systems to accurately and efficiently apply these products in your specific product system.

The Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offered by Kemin is available to identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy for customers.

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