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Multi-Enzymes For Improving Nutrient Digestibility

At Kemin, we know that improving nutrient digestibility and enhancing the nutritional value of animal feed is possible through the use of feed enzymes.  The trend in the industry to reduce reliance on soya, and increase the usage of alternative raw materials such as sunflower, wheat bran, rapeseed, DDGS, triticale, and barley has resulted in more complex diets. Often bringing additional insoluble fiber, they however also increase and diversify the NSP composition of the diet.

At Kemin, we help you in designing diets for complex and challenging situations. We believe that complex diets require an equally complex combination of enzymes to be truly effective. Applying a multi-enzyme blend that facilitates the use of ingredients to optimize feed efficiency at a significantly lower cost —without affecting animal performance —may be an effective solution. The right blend of enzymes reduces the need for energy and protein-rich ingredients while having a positive impact on your bottom line.


  • Synergistic multi-enzyme product and the only product registered in the EU with 5 declared enzyme activities*: 3 for the degradation of structural NSP (xylanase, cellulase, and beta-glucanase) and 2 to enhance the action of endogenous enzymes, key in early life phases of pigs and poultry (alpha-amylase and protease);
    *Identification number 4a1620i
  • Wide functionality at the different pH conditions of the GIT through the combination of both fungal and bacterial enzymes;
  • Increases starch, amino acid, and protein digestibility to reduce lower gut fermentation and intestinal proliferation of pathogenic bacteria;
  • Provides an extra release of energy.
Kemzyme Plus


  • Research on different target species in different production conditions has shown KEMZYME Plus supports body weight gain and better feed efficiency, improving production performance;
  • Aids in reducing environmental pollution caused by non-digested feed materials;
  • Allows the needed flexibility to introduce alternative, lower nutritive, and less costly raw materials into your diets, reducing the dependency on corn, soybean meal, and vegetable oil.
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    KEMZYME Plus can be applied either:

    • ‘On top’ of the standard diet, especially in young animals, for promoting feed efficiency and a healthy intestinal tract to increase performance, OR,
    • In a reformulated diet following a specifically developed nutritional matrix for amino acids, crude protein, and energy, to reduce feed cost while maintaining animal performance by
      • decreasing the inclusion rate of raw materials while increasing their digestibility;
      • replacing more expensive raw materials with others of a lower nutritional value and higher fiber content though less costly.

    Combines KEMZYME Plus Dry with a 6-phytase for additional increasing of phosphorous availability.

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    Nutrikem EXTEND is a unique combination of KEMZYME Plus Dry and LYSOFORTE® EXTEND with the following benefits:

    • Ensures multi-enzyme activity extended with a synergistic, unique nutrient absorption enhancer, to support nutrient digestibility and absorption in one;
    • Offers a solution to increase feed cost-savings while promoting optimal broiler and laying hen performance for a higher R.O.I.;
    • Allows the use of alternative raw materials with high fiber content and therefore reduces dependency on maize, soybean meal, and vegetable oil.