Animal Nutrition & Health Division

As the world population continues to expand and the demand for protein soars, food producers are turning to Kemin for innovative solutions. We believe raising healthy livestock and poultry is more important now than ever before, and we are delivering products and services that help consumers achieve optimal nutrition, feed quality, gut health and pathogen control—all while maximizing the profitability of our customers.

The discoveries and work we do in our laboratories help to improve our customers' bottom line while meeting the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations. For example, our growing portfolio of antibiotic alternatives address emerging consumer demand for a reduction of antibiotics used when raising livestock and poultry. Kemin solutions are strengthening safety throughout various stages of the food chain, improving animal nutrition via enhanced ingredient utilization and developing new solutions focused on improving overall animal health.


Solutions for Health

Good health is a basic requirement for any animal to reach its genetic potential. It is clearly linked to feed conversion, daily gains and uniformity. Health can be influenced by diet, this applies particularly to the prevention of risks and diseases. While health can be influenced by virtually any part of animal husbandry, animal nutrition can contribute to it.


Solutions for Nutritional Efficiency

Nutritional solutions are essential in preventing performance issues before they occur. To support the agricultural community, Kemin invests millions of dollars in research to improve animal health and performance and increase producer profitability. 


Solutions for Feed Processing and Feed Safety 

As a global leader in animal feed solutions, you know you can count on Kemin for quality feed products. We are happy to strengthen our focus on high-quality liquid feed products among the reliable feed solutions we offer our customers. Our liquid feed solutions allow us to successfully serve multiple segments of the feed production industry, from bundled feed raw materials to feed processing to bundled forage.



In addition to these solutions, the Kemin Technical Service Team will help you successfully implement these products in the most effective way possible.The Product Application Department (PAD) will also work with customers to develop systems to accurately and efficiently apply these products in your specific product system. The Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offered by Kemin is available to identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy for customers.