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Application Solutions to Optimize Your Production Process

Application Matters

Animal nutrition and health products are most effective if they are suitably applied. This is especially relevant in the feed industry, as the effective production and storage of feed requires optimal quality, safety and productivity. Kemin Application Solutions help you to optimize your production process with a versatile range of services and technologies. 

Kemin provides custom-made equipment solutions through a dedicated Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) team because every production facility is unique and allows our customers to get the most out of the Kemin products in your production process.

Liquid application systems can help lower the cost of application, improve the technical efficacy and reduce variability and application errors, but all of that requires a tailored application system.
Our Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) provides unique application technology, expertise and services to help customers maximize the value of Kemin ingredients and offers a total solution that consists of the liquid product in combination with application expertise.

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KEMINCONNECT is our newest digital application management platform that provides customers with analytical insights to make data-driven decisions that optimize processes and operations. Created by Kemin specifically for our customers, KEMINCONNECT is tailormade to integrate our application system into customers’ existing production processes.

With KEMINCONNECTwe are confident that customers will enjoy increased agility and reactivity from our support teams, and operators will gain additional insights on how to improve their processes and application systems.

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What we stand for

  • Selecting, calibrating and installing application equipment at pet food and rendering facilities
  • Training production staff on the proper use of equipment and ingredients
  • Choosing application rates, location for dosing and processes
  • Providing in-house design, assembly and testing of the equipment
  • Guiding equipment start, training of your staff and ongoing equipment maintenance
  • Assistance with troubleshooting for application system 
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To reach the best effective use of our liquid programs, a proper product application and distribution is critical. We offer a total solution, committed to providing customized equipment, training and education to ensure our liquid products are optimally utilized to reach the desired effectiveness.

Kemin has a team of highly qualified experts consulting with you to design tailored product application systems. The system assembly is managed by a dedicated team of engineers.
We have global service teams that support customers where they are.