Application Matters

Animal nutrition and health products are most effective if they are suitably applied. This is especially relevant in the feed industry, as the effective production and storage of feed requires optimal quality, safety and productivity. Kemin Application Solutions help you to optimize your production process with a versatile range of services and technologies. Learn more about these exclusive services in our video or read our latest brochure

What we stand for

Our millSMART programme ensures customers to achieve profitable and sustainable operations under all conditions, ensuring the ease feed manufacturing, productivity and feed safety. The unique product formulation together with the advanced application technology maximizes the product distribution, penetration and its overall efficacy. An improved throughput, energy saving, pellet quality, feed yield output and feed safety is realized. 

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To reach the best effective use of our liquid programs, a proper product application and distribution is critical. We offer a total solution, committed to providing customized equipment, training and education to ensure our liquid products are optimally utilised to reach the desired effectiveness.

Kemin has a team of highly qualified experts consulting with you to design tailored product application systems. Assemblage of the systems is done by a dedicated team of local engineers. A team of service engineers located across the EMENA region takes care to install and maintain the systems.

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